Businesses that accept TRON

Advanced technologies allow more and more cryptocurrencies to be used for everyday payments and TRON is not an exception. How and where to use TRON? What businesses accept TRON for payments? So, let’s discuss it. 

What is TRON used for?

Regarded as one of the top cryptocurrencies for payment, TRON was launched in 2018 as a worldwide free decentralized blockchain-based content entertainment ecosystem to “decentralize the internet” and support decentralized applications. The Tronix (TRX) is the cryptocurrency coin of the TRON blockchain with a market capitalization of more than $2,460,200,000, and can be used as an investment, as a store of value, or to trade for other currencies. However, the token’s main use is the interaction with dApps.

What is TRON used for?

A few media leaders such as YouTube, Facebook, and Apple not only do control what media is viewed and put out on their sites, but they also receive the majority of the money generated by the media. Creators, however, receive a smaller part of the income. The TRON platform was initially designed to help reward content creators more for their efforts. Using the features of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and the blockchain, TRON attempts to bridge the gap between content creators and content consumers without intermediaries. The result is the cost reduction for the consumer and raised collection through direct receipts for the content producer.

Key features of TRON

  • The most significant benefit of using TRON crypto is that content creators all over the world have ownership of the content they create. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, own and store data. In simple words, TRX is a currency that pays you for your content.
  • All data on the network is free and not controlled by any central authority.
  • By creating a dApp on the network and offering content on it, holders can receive coins or tokens (the TRX token or other tokens underpinned by TRX) as a reward for their content.
  • Like with other digital currencies, TRX coin transactions run on a public ledger tracing the history of each transaction from the latest to the first one.
  • The TRX transaction model called UTXO is similar to the transaction model of Bitcoin, however, TRON has improved Bitcoin’s model by providing additional security.
  • TRON coin can not be mined, but tokens can be gained by staking existing tokens to validate other transactions. By validating transactions, holders will be paid a transaction or a token creation fee.
  • Holders can earn TRX rewards by freezing assets to gain certain benefits known as ‘Tron Power’. This gives a holder a higher status and provides him with voting rights over decisions on the network. The longer a token holder locks away their tokens for the more Tron Power they receive. 
  • TRX cannot be bought with fiat currency, only by trading it with Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Businesses that accept TRON (TRX)

Let’s dive deeper into the list of companies accepting TRON as a payment.

#1 Tron Store

The Tron Store is an online store with crypto merchandise of different brand logos: Bitcoin, Tron, BitTorrent, etc. It accepts all major credit cards via Paypal (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro), Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 50+ cryptocurrencies.

#2 Travala

Travala is a blockchain-based travel platform for booking accommodation including hotels, apartments, villas, hostels, and 5-star luxury resorts with more than 2 200,000 variants worldwide. Travala implemented blockchain technology to make traveling less expensive and a payment platform secure. Besides accommodation, it offers airline tickets, travel guides and allows multi-currency payment methods (fiat currencies and payments with crypto). When choosing Travala you need to fill in all travel information, click the crypto payment method, and select Pay using Tron. The screen will show the price in Tron and chosen fiat currency. Travala has a mobile app for Android and IOS.

#3 Coinsbee

Coinsbee is a Germany-based gift card platform supporting more than 500 brands in over 165 countries and multiple payment methods with more than 50 cryptocurrencies. It allows customers to purchase vouchers for Apple, Amazon, eBay, Google Play, Netflix, Skype, Steam and PlayStation video game stores, World of Warcraft games, Nintendo eShop, and many others. The use of this service is easy and fast: find the brand you want, add as many cards as you want to your shopping cart, select your region and cryptocurrency to pay in. After payment, the voucher code will be sent via email.

Coinsbee – pay in cryptocurrency

#4 Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a travel platform for buying airline tickets for more than 600 airlines around the world. The service offers over 25 payment methods including PayPal, more than 70 currencies, localized payment methods, and several cryptocurrencies. Once you’ve found the flight you want to buy, select ‘cryptocurrency’ at checkout, and Tron/TRX from the list of cryptocurrencies available. Connect the e-wallet the TRX is stored on and the flight ticket will be sent to you via email after payment confirmation. 

#5 Print-Ted 

Print-Ted is a US online shop with printed and embroidered streetwear and accessories. Print-ted accepts more than 40 cryptocurrencies, including Tron (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether ETH, Ripple XRP, Zcash ZEC, etc.

#6 Windsor Medical Center

Based in Princeton, US, Windsor Medical Center provides healthcare services.

#7 Peiwo APP

Peiwo APP is the largest Chinese audio content community with over 10 million global registered users. After connection of TRX and Peiwo APP, the TRX deposits, tipping and withdraws can be achieved with crypto wallet addresses.

Why should I pay with TRX? Tron Benefits

Why pay with TRON TRX? Tron Benefits
  • Feeless

Transactions on the network are feeless.

  • Rapid transactions

Tron network can support up to 2000 transactions per second in comparison with Ethereum supporting 25 transactions, and Bitcoin (3-6 transactions)

  • Tron Payment Gateway

It allows customers to pay for products with TRX and TRX-Tokens without third party wallet sign up or any payments required. Tron Payment Gateway plugin uses a decentralized payment method, providing secure and automatic mode. Users just need to add their wallet addresses to the plugin options panel and money will be sent directly to the user’s address.

  • Payment

TRX can be used by consumers to pay for content access. These coins would be transferred to the content producers’ accounts, where they can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies, or can be used to pay for blockchain services.

Bottom line

Tron is not just a coin that will rise in value and make a good profit. It may define a new path for the Internet, making partnerships and promoting its ideas and platform innovation. If such developments and collaborations bear fruit, Tron may very well revolutionize the entertainment and payment industries.