Businesses Accepting Litecoin

Since the first days of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, Bitcoin has had contenders in the market. Many of these contenders could not survive till the future of cryptocurrency, but Litecoin was different in that aspect.

Even today, although it may not have the same massive trading volume or value as Bitcoin, Litecoin is a vital cryptocurrency token that investors and day-to-day users cannot overlook. That the current value of 1 LTC is equivalent to less than 100 USD makes Litecoin something that you can buy and use to purchase stuff.

This makes us wonder: Can you pay for your favorite products and services using Litecoin? The answer is a simple one: YES. As it happens, hundreds of businesses accept Litecoin as a payment method, offering you the benefits of quick cryptocurrency transactions.

Before we show you the list of those enterprises where you can spend LTC, we will answer some questions.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a P2P cryptocurrency token, and it was released first in October 2011. In the following years, LTC became a popular alternative to Bitcoin, especially for those who did not want to invest as much as Bitcoin was demanding. While we can say that Litecoin is a Bitcoin spin-off, a few factors are making a difference.

For instance, the developers behind the coin modified how often the Blockchain processes transactions. LTC set just 2.5 minutes, which is only a quarter of Bitcoin’s transaction-processing interval. It means merchants and users could confirm their LTC-based transactions without waiting for an extended period. The next huge change was the use of Scrypt, which is a memory-hard algorithm.

The second aspect is not the most popular one because it made Litecoin mining a Herculean task. It also made Litcoin a difficult-to-produce cryptocurrency token. Despite all these complications, Litecoin has had a good run with numbers even during this COVID-hit economy. Although there have been a few dips in April, May, and July 2020, LTC’s value quickly made its way up the ladder, easily crossing the $90 mark.

Top reasons why you should pay with Litecoin

Have you ever wondered why many companies accept Litecoin? You may also want to ponder over why you decided to spend Litecoin instead of other cryptocurrency tokens. Here are some possibilities. 

Transactions via Litecoin are extremely fast when compared to other cryptocurrency tokens. You can get the confirmation quickly, and this makes things more convenient for merchants and customers.

Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin has not crossed its value beyond the $100 equivalent limit. Meaning, you would be able to use Litecoin in a way that is not that strange from spending fiat currencies.

When you decide to pay with Litecoin, you also enjoy the perks of advanced compatibility. You will not have any trouble combining this coin with your favorite digital/physical wallets and other exchanges.

Now, you know why miners, investors, and users are going crazy about Litecoin’s growth, right? We will now look at the significant business ventures where you can pay with LTC.

Companies Accepting Litecoin

The following companies allow you to purchase their products, services, and other combinations by paying a few LTCs instead of fiat money. While some of them are cryptocurrency-exclusive, most merchants choose to keep support for LTC, BTC, ETH, etc., alongside fiat currency-based payments.

We will also have a look at the significant Litecoin payment gateways in the market, but later. 

Below are the companies we have selected from various categories: web services, physical products, food & beverages, apparel stores, etc. Just be sure that almost every seller that accepts crypto-based payments will also accept Litecoin.

1. Travala

Travala is a travel website that promotes payments through cryptocurrency tokens. Here, you can use LTC to reserve hotels and rooms across the world, book flight tickets to various countries, and even purchase holiday packages. Depending on the cryptocurrency token you have selected, Travala would show you all the booking rates in that currency. Because Litecoin has the value we mentioned earlier, you will not have to count the zeros in a number to understand its real value. Travala is always improving the website’s choices, currently bringing thousands of hotels into the worldwide network.

2. eGifter

eGifter is a super-popular platform where you can purchase premium gift cards and get them delivered via email or text. The platform also allows you to hand-deliver certain gift cards, even when it comes to bulkier orders. This gifting platform is a proud supporter of payments via Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and XRP, along with the traditional payment options like VISA and Amex. Therefore, if you want to give someone who would rather redeem it in their favorite store, you should check out eGifter with the Litecoin wallet by your side.


Ever thought you could purchase and rent properties using cryptocurrencies? Well, you can do that now when using a platform like RE/MAX London. This worldwide company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, allows you to buy and rent high-quality properties while accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin as valid payments. Besides, RE/MAX is a company that has been supporting the Bitcoin era of payments even half a decade back. You may also want to check if the other country holdings of RE/MAX are also accepting Litecoin. Individual paying options may vary, though.

4. Coaex

Coaex is an interesting way to spend Litecoin because it enables you to diversify your investments. You can use this online store to purchase gold bullion bars and silver bullion bars by paying with Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dash. The company also adds that it may support additional cryptocurrency tokens, but the final decision depends on the coin’s current performance. Considering that Litecoin has had an impressive run in the past years, you will not have trouble using it to buy some gold/silver bars. As for serviceability and shipping, you may have to check with local laws in your country of residence.

5. UnlockBase

UnlockBase is another place where you can do something different using your LTC investments. On this website, you can find many options to unlock a stuck/locked iPhone device. This team has been handling the business for more than a decade, making the process super-smooth. The service even offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsure about the service. However, if you have a locked phone that you cannot touch, you should get them to UnlockBase. In addition to Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Ethereum are supported here.

6. Snel

Snel is an online store that sells you domain names, web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS services by accepting Litecoin in return. Users recommend Snel for its intuitive User Interface and how they offer customer service. Compared to the rates you typically pay for hosting and DNS services in the market, Snel charges you only a little. And, when you use Litecoin, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrency tokens, you can save even more. Snel supports a total of 20+ payment methods, and it means you can find at least one suitable way to pay for their hosting.

7. CryptoGames

CryptoGames is one of the famous shops that accept Litecoin without any trouble. Its reasons are simple, as well. It is a gambling website where you can make investments in cryptocurrency and bag your winnings. Despite the support for crypto tech, the website supports many games, including Dice, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Slot, Lottery, and Video Poker. Depending on your mood and the edge you need, you can pick one of these games and deposit via Litecoin. More importantly, CryptoGames is a fabulous space to get your Litecoins converted to another token as well.

Now that you have seen the popular places to use Litecoin, we would like to clear some more doubts.

Will Amazon accept Litecoin?

Amazon does not accept Litecoin, and it will not probably soon, either. Having said that, if you want to purchase something from Amazon but only have LTCs, you can use an LTC to USD conversion service or a gift-card service to pay generally on Amazon.

Does Steam accept Litecoin?

Litecoin is not one of the official payments on Steam, unfortunately. However, if you know something about Steam, it is that the game store is rich when it comes to gift cards. You can use the eGifter platform to create a Steam gift card using Litecoin and use the gift card on Steam to get the game titles you want.

Does PayPal accept Litecoin?

Towards the end of October 2020, PayPal outlined its vision for a whole new service that will allow its users to purchase, hold, and sell several cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin. As a result, eligible PayPal account holders in the U.S. can already buy, hold, and sell Litecoin directly with PayPal.

How to accept Litecoin payments?

If you have an online or offline store where you would like to accept Litecoin payments, you should integrate a compatible Payment Gateway to your web-store. You can see that websites that accept Litecoin are often using the same payment gateway to get things done.

You can see how to accept payments for your business in crypto using a payment gateway like NOWPayments here.

The Bottom Line

You can see that most of the big names in the business currently do not accept Litecoin — or any other crypto token, for that matter. However, considering the growth Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, and tokens have acquired this year, we think you can see some difference soon.

At the same time, many alternative businesses accept Litecoin and other coins. They are the early adopters in the game, offering many choices for those who have invested in the crypto tech. Make sure you check them out to get the best deals.