Why Businesses Need To Offer More Payment Options To Customers

It’s the 21st century, and humanity has attained many milestones already, some of which could only have been imagined 20 years ago. In every sector, technological advancements have increased the growth rate. This accelerated growth rate has, in turn, increased the taste of consumers and their choices in general.  Shopping isn’t left out of this increase in taste. As businesses scale up with demands, payments become very vital to the whole process. 

From the time of physical cash exchange at brick and mortar stores to electronic transfers, credit cards, e-commerce shopping, etc., the need for people to have multiple options in payments for goods and services have become more information. 

Several factors determine consumer taste, including speed and ease of transactions which has prompted the springing up of more payment solutions. 

Key Points:

  • Payment solutions have become an integral part of commerce, constantly changing their mechanisms to meet up with consumer behavior. 
  • The more payment solutions a business offers, the greater the chances of customer satisfaction. 
  • Crypto payments are gradually becoming the payment solution of the future with their ever-increasing adoption. 

Why You Should Offer Multiple Payment Options

Today, almost all businesses offer multiple payment options for customers though they may differ in quality. Multiple payment options in business go deep into a business structure and affect its relationship with customers. Studies have shown that having multiple payment options increases patronage

Some customers are not used to some payment options due to their upbringing or location, and not having ones that they are conversant with can turn them away. As a business owner, you should offer as many payment options as possible. This becomes more important if it’s in an online store because people from different parts of the world may not access some payment providers. 

There are different payment options you can add depending on the type of business. Examples include card payments, wallets, crypto payments, etc. 

Benefits To Business

Benefits To Business

Adding multiple payment options is always an added benefit to your business, no matter the size. Some benefits of adding multiple payment options are:

  1. More Customers
    Some customers, when shopping, pay for goods because they see their preferred shopping option. If the preferred option is absent, the order may not be placed. Finance is now global – different consumers in each region have payment options that are accessible to them. 
    The absence of that payment option may lead to the customer walking to a competition. It has been seen through studies in consumer behavior that customers buy more when their payment option is listed. 
    Multiple payment options will give a business more customers as you don’t know which payment option a customer will prefer. It’s more like the popular quote of not putting one’s eggs in one basket. 
  1. More Sales
    When a customer sees a preferred option, there is a tendency to shop more. If there are strange payment options, shoppers do not trust the payment providers. If you want more sales in your business, you should provide as many as possible. 
  1. Reduce Cost For Your Business
    Some payment options charge you a certain percentage when customers use their services. In a situation where you have many, payments are split between them. The proliferation of payment options will increase your chances of keeping costs low for the business in the long run. 
Advantages of crypto payments

Although each payment option brings its way of handling payments, with some giving you a longer cash-out option, you’ll still be in a better position financially if you let payment options in your business.

Benefits to customers

Diversifying payment options is also good for the customers, primarily through online models. Customers may not have gone through a model before and will prefer sticking to the one they know. Furthermore, a region may hinder a particular payment option, so offering multiple options is always to the delight of customers.

How to use payment processor to offer multiple payment options

Using a payment processor is the only way to handle payments in today’s diverse world effectively. A payment processor is an intermediary between your customer’s bank and yours. The job of payment processors includes verifying credit and debit cards, e-wallet payments, etc. 

How To Use Payment Processor To Offer Multiple Payment Options

Payment processors check for security risks on a customer’s account and also if they have enough funds. This happens within seconds through multiple channels. As a business owner, it is more profitable to outsource this service to a payment processor so that your business can offer multiple payment options. All you have to do is to integrate a payment processor into your business. 

Why is it important to support crypto payments?

Crypto payments are now gradually being accepted around the world as their mass adoption continues. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now on e-commerce sites with payment processors like NOWPayments handling crypto payments. 

Why Is it Important To Support Crypto Payments?

People own digital assets for transactional purposes. It’s cheaper and easier to use than fiat. Allowing people to pay for the items with crypto is beneficial to both parties. Customer satisfaction is there because the crypto in the wallet wouldn’t have to be converted to fiat. 

Cryptocurrencies have become an important payment method that any business cannot overlook.


Different payment solutions have inevitably become a crucial part of commerce, and their mechanisms are constantly changing. The more payment solutions a business offers, the greater the chances of customer satisfaction. Crypto payments are gradually becoming the payment solution of the future with their ever-increasing adoption. NOWPayments offer an effective crypto payment solution for any type of business.