Why accept SparkPoint (SRK)?

SparkPoint has a diverse ecosystem that ranges from DeFi to educational projects. SRK is the native cryptocurrency of SparkPoint and an asset which is present in the crypto wallets of thousands of people around the world. The popularity of SRK, as well as its inherent features, make it a crypto that all businesses should consider featuring as a payment method. NOWPayments provides tools for deploying an SRK payment gateway.

Why accept SparkPoint?

Key points:

  • SRK powers the ecosystem of SparkPoint.
  • SRK payments provide the highest level of security and convenience.
  • NOWPayments assists businesses in accepting SRK as payment.

What is SparkPoint?

SparkPoint is a platform consisting of decentralized products. SRK is the native cryptocurrency of SparkPoint. SRK exists on the Ethereum network and constitutes an ERC-20 token. Every SRK coin is interchangeable and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies based on their current value. Another unique aspect of SRK is that its total supply of 14 billion coins is expected to decrease to 10 billion.

Why accept $SRK? How to benefit from it?



SparkPoint provides the highest level of security. First of all, all SRK transactions are completely peer-to-peer, which means that there are no intermediaries between the two parties by default. Additionally, SRK coins can be stored in a non-custodial wallet fully protected from any hacking attempts. Essentially, businesses, by accepting SRK, can be certain that their funds will always be safe and available to them at any moment.

No chargeback fraud

No chargeback fraud

Since SRK is a secure cryptocurrency, the use of SRK as a payment method enables businesses to avoid suffering from various kinds of fraud. Chargeback fraud is extremely common in the corporate world. Yet, chargeback fraud is impossible on the blockchain. This means that when accepting SRK, companies are guaranteed not to fall victim to chargeback fraudsters.

Universal payment solution

Universal payment solution

SRK is also a perfect candidate for the role of a universal payment method that many businesses need. Basically, merchants often encounter a problem when their clients are unable to use the existing payment methods due to different limitations. SparkPoint does not have any strict limits, therefore SRK can be freely sent and received by users even without KYC procedures.



Finally, SRK payments are a convenient way to get paid. After all, SRK does not require any special equipment. Merchants can either automate their SRK payments or accept them manually using their laptop or even mobile phone. An SRK payment can be made using a QR code which is much more efficient than using the traditional payment methods.

How to accept SRK

NOWPayments lets merchants accept SRK payments in different ways.

ECommerce businesses can employ special plugins compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware. Plugins automate all payments and let companies get SRK payments.

Companies can issue crypto invoices or utilize a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal. Such tools enable merchants to manage all their crypto payments. They also can feature subscription-based crypto payments.

Charities, bloggers, and non-profit organizations can use donation widgets, buttons, and links to accept SRK donations.


Businesses can integrate SRK as a crypto payment method. NOWPayments offers a variety of reliable tools for featuring SparkPoint payments.