What is POODL token?

It is well known that the crypto community adores dogs. Crypto enthusiasts love canines so much that they dedicate entire blockchains and cryptocurrencies to them. POODL is one such cryptocurrency. Although the majority of dog-inspired tokens can be considered meme-coins, POODL is much more than that. The team behind POODL seeks to ensure that POODL brings actual utility to millions of people around the world. For instance, businesses can accept POODL as payment. NOWPayments’ tools are perfect for companies that wish to deploy their POODL crypto payment gateway.

What is POODL token?

Key points:

  • POODL has achieved the status of one of the most promising tokens in the industry.
  • POODL transactions are private and borderless.
  • NOWPayments enables companies to accept POODL payments.

History of $POODL

POODL is not an average meme-coin, and its story, in some sense, is also quite unique. Initially, POODL started as a pump-and-dump project. This means that the original creators simply wanted to take advantage of the crypto craze and abandon POODL after enriching thems.

Nevertheless, after the exodus of the creators, POODL managed to survive thanks to its amazing community.

Once the new team behind POODL, together with the community, revived the token, an issue emerged with the liquidity from the original developers, which was locked until May 2nd, 2021. To prevent a rug pull, the community decided to airdrop a new token to the existing holders. It was a risky move, but it was done just in time.

On April 25th, 2021, all holders were sent the new POODL token in the amount which matched the size of their holdings of the old token. The new token was deployed on Binance Smart Chain. There were several reasons for the choice. First of all, it was the demand of the community, and it also allowed holders to save on gas fees.

Although the original creators later tried to conduct the rug pull, their efforts were unsuccessful. As a result, POODL was able to get back on solid ground. The stability enabled the team and community to begin building utility. A community voting system was put in place, allowing anyone holding POODL to vote on important project-related issues or initiatives.

POODL tokenomics encourages holders to keep their tokens by distributing 3% of every transaction (1% distributed, 1% burned, 0.33% liquidity, 0.33% charity, and 0.33% marketing). This mechanism decreases the amount of circulating POODL on every transaction and incentivizes holding.

Benefits of $POODL for accepting

Borderless transactions

Borderless transactions

POODL transactions are a perfect payment method because they are virtually borderless. In other words, there are no limits when it comes to sending or receiving POODL. As long as you have an internet connection, you can freely transfer POODL. Businesses can use POODL as a payment option for customers from abroad who do not have access to the main payment solutions of the businesses.

No chargeback

No chargeback

POODL transactions are also irreversible. Essentially, once you send POODL to another crypto address, it is gone forever. The irreversibility of POODL is a great feature for companies that wish to get rid of chargeback fraud. Moreover, POODL transfers cannot be manually reversed by anyone since all transactions are peer-to-peer. So, businesses are welcome to use POODL as an anti-chargeback remedy.

Quick settlement

Quick settlement

Businesses want all of their payments processed quickly to streamline operations. Yet, quite often, quick money transfers are just too much to ask. POODL transactions, on the other hand, are extremely fast. A payment settlement with POODL takes only several minutes. Therefore, businesses looking for a fast way to get and send money can use POODL.



POODL transactions are private and do not require users to disclose their personal information. This is particularly relevant for businesses that want to guarantee complete anonymity to their clients. To send and receive POODL, you only need a crypto wallet and a POODL address.

How to accept POODL token

NOWPayments lets companies and individuals accept POODL with different tools. Follow these steps to open your POODL payment gateway:

1. Set up an account with NOWPayments.

Set up an account with NOWPayments.

2. In the Settings section, specify your POODL public address to which you would like to receive payments and generate your API key.

Generate API Key

3. Choose the tool with which you would like to accept POODL. Read about all options here.

Choose the tool with which you would like to accept POODL


POODL is a meme token whose utility is rapidly expanding. NOWPayments lets businesses accept POODL as payment.