What is Klever (KLV)?

Blockchain has already become an inherent element of the global financial system. Klever seeks to bring the adoption of a decentralized economy further and make it easy for an average person. Some people struggle when interacting with cryptocurrencies. This is why Klever wishes to solve this issue and grant people a faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience. In turn, the wider adoption of crypto will facilitate the emergence of a new decentralized economy. Guided by integrated and dynamic thinking, Klever is a real blockchain platform that allows users to have access to countless products and services that are indispensable on a daily basis, including crypto wallet, currency swap, web browser, exchange, staking, and payment channels and more.

Klever explained

Key points:

  • Klever is a next-get crypto finance project.
  • KLV is a powerful native crypto of Klever.
  • NOWPayments assists companies in featuring KLV payments.

How does Klever work?

Klever Finance basics

Klever Finance basics

Klever Finance is a blockchain-based project that builds infrastructure for the emerging decentralized economy. Klever Finance creates an ecosystem of products enabling people to have seamless interactions with the growing industry of decentralized finance. Klever Finance plans on launching its own blockchain and generating value by offering users a wide selection of usable products and opportunities to participate in the Klever network. Klever Blockchain allows users on a global scale to access indispensable services and products.

As a result, Klever Finance features a variety of services such as a market-leading crypto wallet, crypto swap, web browser, decentralized finance, game assets, loans, liquidity pools, exchange, staking, payment channels, and many other ones. Klever wants to create a network where trustless technologies empower businesses and individuals in an open global economy using secure, fast, and innovative on-chain peer-to-peer applications.

Consensus model

Klever relies on a modern and efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. PoS implies choosing validators on the Klever Blockchain, with the task of validating transactions and mining blocks based on the amount of assets they hold. A validator must provide proof of holding a certain minimum amount of KLV coins to earn the right to act as a validator and operate a Masternode, a full network node that receives incentives and rewards to operate and perform actions on the blockchain. The system of utilizing Masternodes provides a highly reliable network and professional services by experienced node operators to the blockchain’s users.

Klever Apps

Klever Apps

The Klever Blockchain is a perfect solution for developers and organizations wishing to utilize the most modern and secure products on the blockchain market and be part of an extensively growing and developing community. Klever brings together the best of blockchain technology and the most promising products, innovations, teams, and people that make its ecosystem strong, relevant, and profitable. Klever removes the complexity and vulnerability of smart contracts and transforms and simplifies blockchain building for all developers, replacing smart contracts with ready-built apps.

Klever Coin

KLV, or Klever Coin, is the primary token of Klever Finance which powers all platforms, products, and services of the project. Klever Finance views KLV as a cryptocurrency that brings credibility, accountability, flexibility, and independence to Klever users worldwide. Essentially, every single transaction carried out in the portfolio of Klever apps and platforms goes through the KLV Coin, directly or indirectly. KLV is the link between the community of worldwide users and the Klever product created using p2p and blockchain technologies.

Klever Coin has a large number of use cases. First of all, Klever is perfect for storing value and making p2p payments. Klever also enables users to participate in new projects through crowdfunding and reduce swap fees by holding KLV in their wallets. Additionally, KLV is used to pay for swap fees and exchange fees, as well as for blockchain transaction fees.

KLV tokenomics

Klever Coin is the evolution of the TWX token. As a result, Klever Coin converted TWX to KLV 1:1 without any increase in the max supply of 10B tokens. The token swap was conducted seamlessly in the Klever wallet’s built-in Swap. Since the beginning of the journey of TWX, we have reduced the max supply from 30B tokens to 10B tokens by burning more than 67% of all tokens. To reiterate, KLV will maintain the same max supply of 10B.

Every week Klever burns a certain amount of KLV coins based on the KLV swap fees collected on the crypto-to-crypto swap platform. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain. A total of 5B KLV tokens will be destroyed using this mechanism and thereby removed from the KLV supply. Klever Finance also offers the KLV Staking feature. The staking model rewards users that are staking KLV to support the project.

Does Klever have value?

Does Klever have value?

Klever has many sources of value. Yet, the most important of them is the utility that it brings to users. For instance, nowadays, more than 50% of the circulating supply of KLV coins is staked inside the Klever App by the Klever Community. All people who stake KLV get a 12-16% APR which drives the utility of the KLV coins forward. Staking is only one use case for KLV.

There are many other Klever products that users will have a chance to interact with and will make the Klever ecosystem stronger. Additionally, since more than 50% of KLV is staked, half of its supply is removed from the market. This creates scarcity making KLV coins rare and more valuable as a result. KLV is also extensively used by people, which is indicated by the millions of transactions processed by the network.

How to accept Klever payments

How to accept Klever payments

The rapid rise of Klever shows that its native coin, KLV, has real potential and can be used by merchants as a payment method. NOWPayments offers an extensive selection of tools to companies, organizations, and individuals who wish to accept KLV as either payment or donation. Ecommerce stores can feature KLV payments through special plugins compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware. Plugins automate all payments and enable companies to get Klever payments.

Businesses can create crypto invoices utilizing a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal. NOWPayments also provides subscription-based crypto payments.

Finally, non-profit organizations and influencers can use donation widgets, buttons, and links to accept Klever donations.


KLV is a cryptocurrency that belongs to a promising ecosystem. NOWPayments enables people and companies to get their share of KLV by featuring KLV pavements.