Does Neteller accept Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies have entered the business models of numerous fintech companies. Even the leviathan of electronic payments, PayPal, lets its clients manage their Bitcoin and Ethereum funds. Neteller is another company that facilitates e-money transfers and has implemented cryptocurrencies. Learn what you can do with crypto on Neteller by reading this article.

Does Neteller accept Bitcoin?

Key Points:

  • Neteller is an electronic payments service available in more than 180 countries.
  • Neteller accepts Bitcoin and lets its members buy, sell, and send cryptocurrencies.
  • NOWPayments offers tools for deploying a crypto payment gateway.

What is Neteller?

What is Neteller?

Neteller is a payment system which was launched in 1999 in Canada. Neteller is used by millions of clients to transfer money. Additionally, Neteller functions as a payment method for thousands of merchants. For instance, Neteller is a popular payment option on gambling websites such as Betfair. Essentially, Neteller is in many ways similar to PayPal. In order to start using Neteller, clients need to load money into their accounts. Neteller supports more than 100 deposit options. The service offers competitive fees and does not charge its customers for certain transactions, including paying at shops.

The most significant advantage of Neteller is the support for global transactions. Neteller allows its members to transfer money to more than 180 countries. Neteller clients can send their money to their friends and family members by simply typing in their mobile phone or email address. The settlement of each transaction at Neteller is instant, so you will not struggle with waiting for weeks for your payment to reach the recipient.

Neteller members also can issue their personal Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, a special card which makes it more convenient to spend Neteller funds. Neteller’s mobile app has a user-friendly interface and a 2F authentication.

Does Neteller accept crypto?

Neteller is a crypto-friendly service which means that it lets its clients manage their crypto. Neteller features more than 40 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. Basically, Neteller members can buy, hold, and sell these cryptocurrencies. Clients can utilize 28 currencies and a hundred alternative payment methods to purchase cryptocurrencies. To buy crypto, users do not have to undergo any extra verification.

Neteller users can buy cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways. They can simply purchase a certain token instantly without waiting for the transaction to occur on the blockchain. Additionally, they can set recurring orders, which will enable automatic purchases of crypto every week or month. Neteller clients also have the option of making a conditional order. In other words, they can set the price at which they want to buy a certain coin, and once the value of the asset reaches it, the purchase will happen automatically.

Neteller clients can purchase their cryptocurrencies for as little as 10 EUR. Moreover, they can conduct a crypto-to-crypto transfer meaning that they can send the crypto funds from their Neteller account to another crypto address. Each crypto transaction on Neteller above $100 will entail a fee of 1.90%.

How to accept cryptocurrency

How to accept cryptocurrency

If you want to accept cryptocurrencies like Neteller, feel free to utilize NOWPayments’ crypto payment solutions. For instance, you can set up crypto invoices in your account settings or issue them with a web-based Point-of-Sale terminal.

Online stores can take advantage of special crypto payment plugins which are compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware.

Charities and bloggers can make use of widgets, buttons, and links which they can place on their social media pages or websites to accept crypto donations.


Neteller is a payment system that lets clients buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Neteller does not let merchants accept crypto as payment. Unlike Neteller, NOWPayments offers several tools for deploying a crypto payment gateway.