How to accept Zcash payments via Point-of-sale

Zcash is designed to process transactions efficiently and privately. This makes it stand out in the crypto market. People largely use Zcash as a payment method which is extremely convenient and fast. ZEC can be equally successfully integrated by both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Yet, the latter may find it easier to accept Zcash cryptocurrency with the help of a Point-of-Sale solution. NOWPayments features a Point-of-Sale terminal for accepting ZEC coins which is free to deploy and inexpensive to operate.

How to accept Zcash payments via Point-of-sale

Key points:

  • Point-of-Sale systems help merchants to accept payments.
  • NOWPayments’ PoS system facilitates ZEC payments.
  • ZEC is quick, private, and secure.

What is Point-of-Sale?

A Point-of-Sale system is software used for processing payments. PoS systems can be both physical and web-based. NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale system is purely web-based. This means that it is compatible with any type of device that has an Internet browser, from a mobile phone to a personal computer. NOWPayments’ PoS terminal can act as a Zcash payments processor. Point-of-Sale terminal from NOWPayments has several features benefiting merchants:

  • It automatically updates the sum of the order in crypto according to the latest exchange rate.
  • All transactions processed by the terminal require a small fee of no more than 0.5%.
  • NOWPayments guarantees instant payouts.
  • The terminal can be deployed anonymously.
  • The terminal can be integrated with the automatic crypto-to-fiat conversion feature letting merchants charge their clients in ZEC crypto and receive payments in fiat.

Why should I accept ZEC crypto in brick-and-mortar stores?

Instant payment finalization

Instant payment finalization with ZEC

Efficiency is something Zcash prides itself on, so you can be certain that the speed of ZEC transactions is among the fastest ones in the industry. The quick transactions offered by Zcash can provide brick-and-mortar stores with an opportunity to facilitate their payment process.

By embracing ZEC, such merchants can accept payments in a couple of minutes. Zcash takes about 75 seconds for the block to be created, so transactions are rocket-fast. The speed of ZEC is particularly tangible when compared to Bitcoin or bank transfers. So, brick-and-mortar stores that want to get rid of long lines due to an inefficient payment process should definitely try featuring ZEC payments.


Zcash is a hack-resistant network, therefore, your ZEC funds are fully protected from the activities of criminals. Zcash is decentralized, so there are centralized entities like banks controlling all on-chain operations. Similarly, there is no central database to be hacked and no single point of failure. This is why Zcash can be used by brick-and-mortar stores that can safely utilize ZEC payments and be sure that nothing will happen to their funds.

Reduction in fee expenses

Reduction in fee expenses with ZCash

The efficiency of Zcash also manifests itself in the low gas fees for users. Imagine if you sent and received payment for less than 0.01 cents. It may be hard to believe, but Zcash is exactly the solution that offers such transaction fees.

An average ZEC transaction fee is 0.0001 ZEC. Lower transaction fees can enable your brick-and-mortar store to radically reduce expenses on bank fees and other bank charges which accompany payments. Moreover, lower fees will make it less costly for your clients to make payments.

Exceptional privacy

Zcash is one of the very few coins that go beyond the standard anonymity of crypto transactions and deliver an extra layer of privacy to users. Essentially, Zcash offers shielded addresses. If you are new to crypto, then you can think of crypto addresses as bank accounts. Zcash makes transactions between shielded addresses invisible, so there is no way to find out any information about the addresses and the transaction amount. So, if you asked yourself a question. Can someone track Zcash payments? The answer is negative. Brick-and-mortar stores can integrate Zcash as an anonymous payment method for clients wishing to maintain complete confidentiality.

Permissionless payments

Permissionless payments with ZEC

As mentioned above, Zcash is a decentralized network that does not have omnipotent authorities. This makes ZEC transactions and their blockchain permissionless. So, any user can utilize ZEC and cannot be denied the right to do so.

Thus, brick-and-mortar stores can offer ZEC payments as a universal payment method which can be utilized by any customer. For instance, some clients may be unable to use their credit cards due to incompatibility with your payment terminal. This is where ZEC can come in handy since it works anywhere.

So… how to install ZCash PoS for your store?

If you wish to set up a Zcash payment gateway using NOWPayments, you need to follow these steps:

Create a NOWPayments account.
  • Step 2. Enter the requested information, such as your email and password.
  • Step 3. Type in your Zcash public address.
Type in your Zcash public address
  • Step 4. Go to “Store Settings” and generate your API key.
Go to "Store Settings" and generate your API key
  • Step 5. Refresh the “Store Settings” page and scroll down to the “POS Terminal Link” segment and create your PoS link by adding your custom line of text to the link.
Create your PoS link by adding your custom line of text to the link.
  • Step 6. In “Store Settings,” specify your base currency.
In "Store Settings," specify your base currency
  • Step 7. Go to “Coins Settings” and choose ZEC.
Go to "Coins Settings" and choose ZEC.
  • Step 8. Enter your terminal link in the address bar and load the page.
Enter your terminal link in the address bar and load the page.
  • 9.  Step 9. Congratulations, you have created your Zcash currency payment terminal, try creating your first invoice.
Congratulations, you have created your Zcash currency payment terminal


NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal is a reliable solution for Zcash cryptocurrency payments.

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