What is API and How to Accept Swipe Using It

Swipe is a project which seeks to redefine the way people use their money. Using Swipe’s token SXP, merchants can issue their crypto debit cards, and consumers can pay for different products. In order for an organization to accept SXP as payment or donations, it needs to utilize an API. Read this article and learn how you can deploy a Swipe payment gateway using an API.

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What is Swipe and SXP?

Swipe crypto

Swipe builds an ecosystem for the finance system of the future. Swipe enables companies of different sizes and in all parts of the planet to create and manage their own Swipe debit cards. Apart from the cards, Swipe also functions as a decentralized trading protocol. Swipe is deployed on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This considerably facilitates the trading process for all stakeholders since they can choose their network by switching a toggle.

SXP is the native token of the Swipe ecosystem. It performs a variety of functions. For instance, people who hold SXP automatically receive governance rights and can influence the development of the Swipe project in the future. SXP is also used to pay for transaction fees. Swipe clients who issue their debit cards have to pay all service fees in SXP.

What is API?

What is an API?

API is short for application programming interface. API allows two different applications to work together, enabling them to communicate with each other. API constitutes a code that defines a pathway to a server and controls requests, as well as establishes the rules of making them. API is a convenient way to build a bridge between two services and sync them together.

API server is a vital element in deploying crypto payment gateways on external services. Essentially, today, merchants do not have to build their own payment solutions since they can simply integrate their online store with a third-party service. NOWPayments provides effective ways for setting up crypto payment gateways through APIs.

How to Accept SXP with API

Accept SXP

Thanks to NOWPayments’ tools, accepting SXP with an API is easy and does not take much time. In order to get your Swipe payment system up and running, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with NOWPayments page;
  2. Create your account by entering your email and password;
  3. Once you confirm your email, sign in into your account;
  4. Open the Dashboard page and enter your Swipe crypto address.
  5. After entering your address, you can generate your API key by pressing the “Add New Key” button;
  6. Once you have your API key, you can pick a payment gateway of your choice.

NOWPayments provides several crypto payment gateways. You can accept cryptocurrencies using merchant tools such as a crypto invoice or a plugin (relevant only for merchants that use WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and other platforms). You can also accept Swipe crypto donations using widgets, buttons, or links.

Swipe on WooCommerce


Swipe payment technologies are extremely advanced, and the project’s currency SXP constitutes a great means of transferring value on blockchain. Deploying a Swipe API payment gateway is quite easy and does not take more than ten minutes. NOWPayments can help businesses to integrate Swipe online payment solutions.

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