Benefits of accepting SXP on WooCommerce

Swipe is a project which aims at building a bridge between cryptocurrency payments and traditional payment networks. SXP is the native token of the Swipe ecosystem. Merchants around the world can accept SXP as payment using NOWPayments’ plugin for WooCommerce. By deploying a Swipe payment gateway, companies can gain new clients and reduce expenses.

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Swipe payment gateway

About SXP and WooCommerce

What is Swipe Payment System and SXP?

As mentioned above, SXP is the utility token of Swipe. Swipe provides its clients with the infrastructure to issue their own crypto debit cards. Companies can utilize the Swipe payment infrastructure and connect to all major payment networks such as Visa. SXP is used on the platform for staking, governance, discounts, and paying for transaction fees.

What is WooCommerce?

Swipe payment system

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform built on top of WordPress. Merchants hat host their websites on WordPress can utilize WooCommerce to automate their payment processing. WooCommerce lets users set up their own store and start selling products in a matter of minutes. With WooCommerce, store owners can customize their websites and create unique layouts and designs.

Advantages of accepting SXP on WooCommerce


The main benefit of accepting SXP payments through WooCommerce is low transaction fees. Merchants, especially those with low profit margins, suffer from exorbitant bank fees. Swipe maintains low transaction costs on its platform, which means that transferring SXP entails mere cents. By featuring SXP payments, eCommerce stores can save a lot of money.

Global Outreach

What is Swipe payment?

The majority of WooCommerce stores use payment options such as PayPal and Google Pay. Yet, despite the fact that these services are popular in the United States and Europe, they still remain inaccessible to people in other regions. SXP, on the other hand, can be used by individuals from any part of the world. Swipe does not require users to register to use its SXP tokens.


The crypto community always supports merchants that accept cryptocurrencies. That is why crypto investors are so excited about every use case of their favourite coins. If you decide to accept SXP, you are guaranteed to attract an army of SXP fans.


Since users can freely use SXP without disclosing their identities, they can purchase goods and services online anonymously. SXP payments constitute a great alternative to other WooCommerce payment options, including PayPal, which require clients to provide their personal information.

How to Accept SXP on WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugin

Accepting SXP on WooCommerce is easy. All you need to do is install a crypto plugin from NOWPayments. Set up your account, enter your Swipe address, generate an API key, and choose WooCommerce as your Swipe payment gateway. Now you are ready to accept crypto payments in SXP.


Merchants with stores deployed on WooCommerce can set up a Swipe payment system and enjoy the benefits of the SXP token. Companies can reduce their operating costs and grant clients a chance to buy products anonymously. The WooCommerce payment gateway is easy to deploy with the help of NOWPayments.