What Crypto Does Sheetz Accept?

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and every major surge in their value provokes a new wave of businesses announcing their willingness to accept them. In 2021, the crypto market experienced record growth and made people once again consider investing in digital assets. As a result, the number of individuals owning cryptocurrencies and wishing to use them increased.

Many companies recognized an opportunity and offered their clients a chance to pay in crypto. Sheetz is one of the large businesses which recently made a decision to accept Bitcoin at its stores and ultimately let their customers have more freedom in terms of payment options.

Sheetz accepts crypto

Key Points

  • Sheetz is a company with a long history that, nevertheless, continues to embrace new opportunities
  • In 2021, Sheetz started accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin
  • Sheetz entered the growing list of businesses that recognize the utility of cryptocurrencies and decide to feature them as payment
  • NOWPayments can assist you in deploying your own crypto payment gateway which will grant your business a competitive advantage

What is Sheetz?

About Sheetz

Sheetz accepts Bitcoin

Sheetz is a company which has been in existence for more than half a century because it started its operations in 1952 as a dairy store. Since then, Sheetz experienced rapid growth and today controls a chain of convenience stores, as well as gas stations. Nevertheless, Sheetz is not present in every part of the United States. So, if you want to visit the company’s locations, you should go to states such as Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, where you will certainly find Sheetz stores. The company operates several hundred stores and generates millions of dollars in revenue which makes it extremely successful.

What Can I Buy at Sheetz

As mentioned earlier, Sheetz is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations. So, the assortment of products the company offers is quite standard. You can buy anything you need, from nuts and chips to a pack of batteries and chapsticks. Yet, at Sheetz, one can also buy ready-made food and eat it in the special café area or take it home. Sheetz has burgers, pizzas, burritos, and many other types of nutritious foods, which will keep hunger away, especially if you are on a road trip. Sheetz also lets clients order their products and pick them up at any moment. Additionally, car owners can get three grades of gasoline and diesel fuel at Sheetz gas stations.

Sheetz and Crypto

Bitcoin ATMs At Sheetz

Despite the fact that Sheetz started featuring crypto payments only in 2021, the company is not new to the crypto business. Sheetz was among the first companies in the retail segment to install Bitcoin ATMs at its locations. Even though the company did not accept cryptocurrencies directly, its clients could easily exchange their crypto for fiat at certain stores of the business. Thus, it seems that several years ago, the company already set its eyes on the possibility of using cryptocurrency as a payment method but was assessing the demand for such a feature.

Sheetz Accepts Cryptocurrencies

Finally, in 2021, Sheetz announced that it was going to offer direct crypto payments at its locations. Essentially, now, people can walk in any Sheetz store, get their groceries, and pay with a cryptocurrency of their choice. It should be mentioned that currently, the complete list of cryptocurrencies which Sheetz made eligible for using as payment is still unknown.

Nevertheless, Sheetz certainly accepts Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. As of June 2021, the company still has not implemented crypto payments at its gas stations but promises to do it by the end of the year. It is clear that Sheetz will get a substantial boost in sales in the following months, taking into consideration the number of people who use cryptocurrencies.

Sheetz Gift Cards

Before the company accepted crypto, enthusiasts exploited a reliable way to avoid using fiat to pay for Sheetz’s products and services. Namely, they bought Sheetz gift cards from various stores that sell such cards for Bitcoin or altcoins. The method is still viable when it comes to paying for gas at Sheetz. In other words, if you are a hardcore fan of cryptocurrencies and want to spend them for fuel at Sheetz, then buying the company’s gift cards on the Internet is a way to go for you. Currently, the choice of websites offering Sheetz cards in exchange for crypto is massive, Gyft is one of them.

Other Businesses that Accept Cryptocurrencies


Newegg is the ultimate destination for all people that want to pay for their electronics using Bitcoin. The company features an extensive range of products, from home tools and computer parts to sports equipment and toys. Nevertheless, the company’s primary focus is, of course, on various computer components, including GPUs, which are indispensable for mining. The company accepts Bitcoin, so it makes sense to use it when paying with fiat is not an option.



If you are both an avid gamer and a crypto investor, then G2A is the place where your two passions meet. G2A is an online store of thousands of video games where any person will find a title they will like. G2A also functions as a marketplace where people can buy gift cards, and even currencies, as well as points for different bestsellers such as GTA V. G2A lets users pay with Bitcoin.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency like Sheetz

Crypto invoice
A NOWPayments crypto invoice

Well-established companies such as Sheetz lead the way to the future where crypto payments will be a normal part of life, and hundreds of millions of people will use this instrument daily. You and your businesses can make such a future come quicker by deploying your own crypto payment gateway.

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All you have to do to create an invoice is specify the price for your product and enter your wallet address. Owners of stores can use such plugins as Shopify, WooCommerce, and other crypto plugins, which will allow them to accept cryptocurrencies from their clients automatically.

Bloggers and charities that do not sell any products can place a crypto donation widget or link on their webpage and social media, which will let their audience tip them. NOWPayments’ services are completely non-custodial, which means that all crypto sent to you by your clients goes straight to your wallet. NOWPayments does not control your funds and cannot take them away from you. There is no doubt that crypto is the future, and NOWPayments can help you accept it.


Sheetz is one of the oldest retail chains in the United States, which despite being in the business for more than half a century, manages to seize opportunities and innovate. In 2021, the company announced that it was going to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin at all of its locations.

Thus, clients can now get products from Sheetz stores without the need to use their debit or credit card. NOWPayments offers several solutions to companies and individuals that want to follow Sheetz and tap into the crypto market by accepting cryptocurrencies.