What are subscription crypto payments?

To date, subscription payments are found in almost any service. They are used when buyers allow the seller to repeatedly charge them for goods or services on a pre-set schedule (monthly, weekly, daily, or annually). With the right approach, regular automatic payments will save time for your business. Nevertheless, the “set it and forget it” approach is often criticized because the client can really “forget” about subscribing and become a victim of a sudden write-off of the amount at the most inopportune moment. However, with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many merchants are switching to a more honest and transparent way — crypto subscriptions. Read on about the advantages of crypto subscriptions.

Key points:

  • Thanks to NOWPayments, you can send reminders to your customers to pay for subscriptions.
  • If you decide to integrate crypto subscriptions, you need to familiarize yourself carefully with the risks they carry.
  • NOWPayments strives for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and significantly contributes to the development of the crypto payment infrastructure.

How do crypto subscriptions work?

How do crypto subscriptions work?

NOWPayments is a non-custodial crypto payment provider that highly values the financial freedom of users. It is necessary to understand that crypto payments differ significantly from bank payments. In the case of crypto subscription payments, users will never doubt that the payment for a subscription to your service will be automatically withdrawn at the most inopportune moment.

So, for example, everyone has at least once faced a situation when he paid for an expensive subscription to use some service several times and then forgot to cancel it. And here you are standing at the checkout counter in a supermarket, you want to pay for goods, and suddenly the amount is deducted from your card. Unpleasant, isn’t it? In the case of crypto, the provider does not have access to users’ wallets. NOWPayments only sends your customers an email reminder that the subscription period has expired. The letter also contains a link to an invoice for paying for a further subscription. And you set the frequency of sending reminders, whether it’s every week, month, three months, and so on. Thus, your customers themselves have the right to decide whether to pay for the subscription plan further or refuse to pay for the subscription. Thanks to this, you create an image of an honest and loyal service that does not charge funds without the client’s knowledge.

Risks of crypto subscriptions

Risks of crypto subscriptions

As already mentioned, setting up payment for crypto subscriptions with NOWPayments is safe and reliable for both parties. On the client’s side, there is no need to worry that the payment will be debited at the most inopportune moment. From the entrepreneur’s side, you can be sure that this approach guarantees the establishment of transparent and friendly relations with your customers.

But still, by accepting crypto subscriptions, you must be aware of some crypto-related risks:

  • High volatility of cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrencies are poorly suited for paying subscriptions due to their highly volatile nature. On the other hand, this problem is solved with the dawn of stablecoins, the price of which is tied to fiat currencies (dollar, euro, and so on),.
  • The length of transactions. When choosing a cryptocurrency with which you want to accept subscription payments, you should carefully study such concepts as scalability and transaction processing speed. Often, customers who pay for subscriptions expect that a few minutes after payment, hey will get access to the service a few minutes after payment. However, some networks, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, often face the problem of network congestion. Because of this, small amounts (which are usually used to pay for subscriptions) can be processed by the network for a long time.
  • High fees. The same problem with network congestion leads to the fact that users who want to speed up transaction processing are required to pay an increased fee. If it comes to subscriptions, where the average amount is about $10-40 per month, users may face the problem of high gas fees that can reach up to 25% of the transaction amount.

Why do NOWPayments set up crypto subscriptions?

NOWPayments is a leading crypto payment provider that strives to provide the best user experience to its users and their consumers. Our service provides the most competitively low fees, easy-to-integrate tools, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, and many other useful features. Our main goal is to provide our customers with all the advantages that crypto payments have, namely reduced fees, fast international payments, lack of bank intermediaries, convenience, and a high level of security. Thanks to our service, you can accept crypto payments as easily as fiat payments, and maybe even more accessible. Given the rapidly growing crypto community, we understand the importance of adding traditional payment tools such as subscriptions. Thanks to crypto subscriptions, you can get global reach, allowing millions of users living in different parts of the world to use your service without the need for expensive fiat currency conversion. Moreover, merchants accepting crypto subscriptions get rid of headaches in the form of chargeback fraud.


Crypto subscriptions are a great opportunity to make the service friendlier and more accessible to the user due to lower prices, internationality, transaction speed, and security. And for business, a significant point of growth in key indicators.