Weird Coins Vol.3

Cryptocurrencies are incredibly variable, being crafted to fit the needs and the interests of all and everyone. Some of them are so catchy, that they steal your attention, shock or amuse you in a weir way. Here, we have gathered the continuation of our first and second reviews of such coins for your entertainment. 


Woodcoin is a decentralized system with inspiring interface. Those who are much into fantasy or ecology can easily dive into field by simply adding the currency to their lists. Interesting, what kind of woods they offer to the clients? Can the miners be called the keepers of the forest? The coin generates many questions to be answered.

Whoppercoinenesis block was mined in October 2014. Presented by Burger King in Russia, the currency is hosted on the Waves blockchain platform, being “a token for buying burgers in Russian Burger King and for the stock exchange.” Are you much into the capitalistic flavor? 

Fuck Token

An Ethereum-based token that has been called the new “dogecoin” is famous for raising $30,000 in 30 Minutes in 2017. Sound legendary, doesn’t it? The concept is inspiring as well: “FUCK Token is a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a FUCK”. So, you can express yourself and get your crypto karma back.


Presidents, sometimes, are represented as currencies. For example, Vladimir Putin. The creators of the coin say that their product is nothing but  “a tribute to the most famous person on the Earth, to Vladimir Putin.” The currency itself has nothing to deal with politics, it is just a way to get into the meme game. Would you like to invest in Putin?


Have you ever heard of a crypto your eco-friendly vegan friend would like to invest? Let me introduce you VeggieCoin, the Australian altcoin that contributes to the eco funds. How it works? They say that “by leaving the software running overnight, you can help the animals while you sleep and earn a currency with real-world value.” Also, it’s up to you which organization to choose. Sp, you can make your first step towards going green with cryptocurrency. Save the world with the blockchain!

Corona Virus Token

The pandemic has shown a huge impact on cryptocurrency and even persuaded cryptomakers to launch a token named after the event. Surely, it is not funny at all, but it is useful, being focused on helping the victims of the pandemic. 

As you see, weird currencies are numerous and our third article about them doesn’t cover the whole world. Comment, if you want to get the 4th part with other funny or peculiar coins.