Top 5 Weird Cryptocurrencies

If you want to accept payments in cryptocurrency, you need to learn the ropes of the crypto market with all the cryptocurrency statistics, pros and cons of investments and so on. But the crypto world, being a truly reliable place, still has much fun to offer. For example, there are some peculiar coins to steal your attention. So we have prepared this top 5 to make you smile!


The most famous meme-coin Dogecoin is something everyone is fond of. The coin was launched in 2013 and gathered a devoted online community, especially on Reddit. What has made Dogecoin this viral? The likeness of the well-known Shiba Inu dog. 

In 2020 Dogecoin is still in vogue and feels pretty healthy, being the most favorite cryptocurrency of Elon Musk.

Toilet Paper Coin

COVID-19 has come to change everything in the world, and the crypto currency is not an exception. On the 1st of Aoril 2020, the Toilet Paper Token has been introduced. 

What are its features? The “smut contracts” to keep track of the total number of rolls used buy the wipers! Also, if one day stores run out of toilet paper stock, TPT holders will be the first to know.

Cat Coins

Cats have always been viral on the Internet, so the existence of several cat-related coins seems to be obvious. The most famous fluffy cryptocurrency is Monacoin. The peculiar fact is that it happened to be the first Japanese crypto. 

Have you seen the Nyan Cat meme?  The cat made from a pop-tart flying through space with a rainbow behind? That’s another kitty cryptocurrency to to tell about. It was introduced in 2014 with the words “It is my great pleasure to announce to you all that we have partnered with the creators of Nyancat to create the first officially licensed cryptocurrency in history!”
Cryptokitties, that look like digital Pokemons, are also loved by cat fans. The cryptocurrency happened to be the first non-fungible token: so it could not be exchanged for another one of the same value. Cryptokitties have their own unique assets and can be “bred” with other Cryptokitties to get a new one.


Have you ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut? There is a cryptocurrency ready to bring you to the moon. Of course, in terms of it’s supply: it is limited, based on the average distance from the Earth to the planet. Sounds pretty Sci-Fi, doesn’t it? 

Besides, the coin also has its own programming language called MoonWord. Unfortunately, the details on whether you need a space suit to use them have not been stated yet. But space lovers and millennial goths appreciate!


Remember The Tooth Fairy?Cryptocurrency community has the one of its own, Dentacoin, that aims to work for dentists and to find solutions for the healthcare. Created for the particular industry it encourages dentists worldwide to accept dentacoin for payments.

Jokes aside! NOWPayments has over 40 coins for you to accept online. All you need is just to sign up in a click! And don’t forget that NOWPayments is all for new coins to list. You are free to contact us with your ideas here. If you want to read the second part of our review of the weird currencies, go to our the post.