Using Cryptocurrency in Loyalty Programs

Anyone that is familiar with marketing has probably heard of loyalty programs. Nowadays every single supermarket, shopping mall, football club or whatever kind of commercial outlet you’d find has a program to create a bond with their customers. These come in many forms from receiving cashback to saving points that you can later spend on cash credit. Whatever it is, they are being used as a form of marketing in order to make sure you, as a customer, come back to the store as often as possible. One topic we love talking about here at NOWPayments is cryptocurrency, not that weird since we’re a cryptocurrency payment provider. Today we’re combining both cryptocurrencies and loyalty programs to see what sorts of programs currently exist and how you can benefit from them.


One of the popular forms of loyalty programs is the cashback feature. It’s pretty simple, you spend money and you get a little cashback. In this case, you spend regular dollars/euros or other fiat currency and get a little cryptocurrency back. It totally depends on the company that’s offering the solution if it’s FIAT based or you’d have to spend cryptocurrency in order to earn cryptocurrency, but it’s generating you money while you spend money. This is a really simple form of earning some extra money for the purchases you were making anyway. It’s a form that drives up the incentive for people to utilize cryptocurrency for more than simply holding the coin, but actually spending their currency. There are various projects that offer this solution, however, there are two companies we’d like to highlight.


This is a company that made it really simple for people to earn cryptocurrency, in particular, Bitcoin. You simply go to their website, add a plug-in to your browser and off you go. They have partnered up with more than 500 online stores that allow you to spend your money using FIAT currencies, but you get a percentage of that back in Bitcoin. Are you planning to do your holidays shopping online? Then it might be the perfect timing to install the Lolli extension to start earning a little extra back in Bitcoin. That little extra might just be worth a whole lot more in the future.

This project took it to the next level with its loyalty program. This is not focused solely on Bitcoin, rather on their own coin, MCO. They offer a credit card that can be used in physical stores and online stores across the whole wide world as it’s a VISA card that’s generally accepted everywhere you go. This card comes in different tiers depending on how much MCO you put at stake. There is one card that’s free, this earns you 1% MCO cashback on all your purchases. Now after these free cards, there are several tiers that include a metal card. The highest tier earns you 5% cashback in MCO plus a free subscription to Netflix, Spotify and a 10% rebate on both Expedia and Airbnb. That’s a whole lot of benefits for using this card. The catch here is, you’d have to stake 50,000 MCO which is currently valued at over 200,000 USD. In that perspective, it’s quite expensive actually. 


Another niche that is being filled is the travel industry. Travala transformed from a simple ICO into an actual company that is now leading the way for blockchain-based traveling. They offer 2,000,000+ properties across 90,124 destinations in over 200 countries, ranging from luxurious five-star hotels to hidden gems.  The beauty is, the prices are up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms. If you manage to find a price that is cheaper at one of Travala’s competitors, you can send the evidence and get paid the difference in AVA tokens. Traveling at its finest. 

Tokenized Coupons

Remember the coupons? Or have you seen the TV-show where these people stack up hundreds of different coupons to then go on and bring truckloads of stuff into their homes without spending a single dollar? That’s what happens with coupons. The problem was storing these coupons safely until you had the right amount to get the benefits of your liking. The moment you tokenize these coupons and put it on the blockchain, you can simply keep them digitally. All you do is simply link your account to you as a person and now you can start stacking coupons in your mobile application. There are several companies offering this solution with more and more companies worldwide acknowledging the benefit of these digital tokens. You’ll never lose your coupons anymore and they are immediately verified with the use of Blockchain technology. Win-win on both ends.

Affiliate Programs

It might be questionable whether this is considered a loyalty program but in some way it is. What it does, it brings you to a certain level of dedication to a platform that you’d tell your friends, family and following about the platform of your liking. With a rich industry like the cryptocurrency industry where most exchanges are swimming in money, these affiliate services are no surprise. Each exchange has its own conditions from cutting trading fees to earning a little percentage of its profits. Whatever it is, it simply pays you to have friends. There are lots of lists going around with the most profitable affiliate schemes, but most of these include having friends that trade cryptocurrency. Having traders as friends is something that’s not as common as having friends that spend cash online. Introducing, the NOWPayments affiliate program.

NOWPayments provides people the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrencies in online stores. In this day and age, every single person on the planet has probably heard of the option to buy things online. Around 80% of these people probably regularly buy things online and a couple of percent of these people do so by using cryptocurrency. Given the fast rise in online stores and increasing demand for cryptocurrency payments, NOWPayments is actively looking for new merchants to start accepting cryptocurrency. The moment you have a friend, family member or vague relative that has an online store, you should tell this person about NOWPayments. With our incredibly easy to integrate payment solution, you’ll start accepting cryptocurrencies within no-time. 

What does this bring to the person who referred your friend to NOWPayments? You receive $25 dollars in NOW Tokens plus an extra 0,2% of each payment that’s being processed through NOWPayments on the website you referred. There are 20 of these rewards for a single person, that could make up for $500 dollars in total simply for telling people to start accepting cryptocurrencies. Sounds like a good deal, right?