NOWPayments Is Introducing A New Coin – QTUM!

What is QTUM?

Qtum is a Chinese hybrid platform that connects existing blockchains. Qtum is built on Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model, with the added functionality of smart contract execution. It is a platform that allows developers to create applications and smart contracts based on current blockchain technology.

Focusing on creating a platform that helps companies create smart contracts on the blockchain, Qtum is a toolkit in the first place. Designed to be both robust and modular, the platform can create small contracts that will be used on most major blockchains. The goal of the platform is to change the way you store application databases. Instead of a centralized method of storing the database on one server, applications running on the Qtum platform will be stored in the database as transactions on a blockchain.

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that combines Ethereum’s smart contract functionality with bitcoin’s security to create a coin that is suitable for adoption by large organizations. That’s why many people believe in it and become QTUM holders! 

We at NOWPayments wanе to provide our users with as many unique, promising coins as possible. So here we present Qtum, who is becoming a more and more powerful platform, start accepting it now!

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Apart from that, NOWPayments have the following advantages:

  • The instant auto conversion of your funds: no risk of losing funds to market price fluctuations!
  • The widest among the competitors’ list of supported coins.
  • An easy to deploy API with an in-depth manual.
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees.
  • Support agents are available 24/7.