PrestaShop Crypto Payments Plugin Live on NOWPayments

NOWPayments keeps developing and adding new features for our partners to accept crypto payments in every way possible while enjoying a smooth and simple process. 

Today, we are proud and happy to say: our new PrestaShop payment plugin is live on NOWPayments. You can check it out and start accepting crypto payments now!

Usually, with the PrestaShop CMS, you can choose among 50+ various payment methods, like credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, and other traditional means of payment. But why stop there?

NOW, you can boost your e-commerce platform with the cryptocurrency option — a secure, transparent method offering global reach and low fees. By adding cryptocurrency payments as one of the PrestaShop payment methods, you can reach a whole new target group of clients. Read more about crypto payments benefits here.

This is all possible with the new plugin by NOWPayments allowing you to start accepting cryptocurrency right away and directly into your crypto wallet.

How to accept cryptocurrency on PrestaShop?

  1. Sign up with NOWPayments.
  2. Go to Store Settings and enter your wallet address.
  3. Generate your API Key.
  4. Install the PrestaShop plugin.
  5. Log into your PrestaShop account.
  6. Go to the Modules section, click “Upload a module”.
  7. Upload an archive.
  8. Click the “Configure” button next to the Module, enter the API key and IPN secret key (they can be found in your NOWPayments account in the Store Settings tab).
  9. Click “Save”.

NOWPayments PrestaShop Plugin Advantages

Multiple Supported Currencies

We support more than 50 cryptocurrencies including stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. There is a convenient auto-conversion option that enables merchants to accept any cryptocurrency with customers choosing their preferred one. We also support Fiat conversion.

Fees of 0.5% and lower

We don’t know any other PrestaShop Bitcoin plugin that charges less.

Custody-free Service and Instant payouts 

Your funds go to your personal wallet that only you have access to. This allows for Instant Withdrawal and High Transaction speed, which usually takes 2-3 minutes. As a custody-free service, we provide Higher security.

Round-the-clock Support

The service provides 24/7 support with a 3-minute response time. A live chat is always available, too. We feature two support lines, therefore allowing for an efficient problem-solving process. All issues get efficiently resolved.

Start using the PrestaShop plugin NOW!