Why Accept Payments In Crypto

There are several advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments in comparison to fiat money, and it is vital to be aware of them before making a choice between the two. Check out this educational article by NOWPayments that explains the difference between accepting fiat and crypto assets.


The blockchain is notorious for being the safest options of running any kind of transaction. You can secure your payments by integrating NOWPayments and never worry if your bank is going to crash or if a transaction is going to crash. The blockchain’s performance is not affected by minor inconveniences as it is decentralized and stable no matter what.


Clearly, not everyone is willing to share their personal information with every payment on the Internet. Cryptocurrency payments are solving this problem as crypto wallets are not linked to the owner’s identity. For someone who is looking not only for profit but also for safety, crypto payments are the best option.

Low fees

Fiat payment systems set their fee high as they don’t have any competitors. Well, let’s change that! Our payment system’s fees are lower than those of the fiat systems and its adoption will be beneficial and profitable both for the users and the companies. You will be able to get more profit from the same amount of payments and customers will pay you directly without the unnecessary intermediacy of the banks.

Multiple currencies

We support multiple coins. It means that your customers can choose the most convenient option for them and overall be more satisfied with your services. More supported currencies mean more accessibility and higher adoption rates among the crypto people. The community would enjoy the lack of unnecessary exchange that causes losses of funds.

Simple API

By far, our development team has worked hard to ensure that the integration will run smoothly on any website or platform. All you need to do is use a simple crypto API with a clear manual.

Instant Conversions

There’s no latency for the funds’ withdrawal. You can use, send, convert cryptocurrency immediately and overall have a bigger and more stable asset turnover.

Stablecoins support

Last but not least, our team has made sure to include the support of stable cryptocurrencies, stablecoins. They are closer to fiat currencies in terms of their market price. Little volatility makes stablecoin more convenient for day-to-day purchases while the blockchain base retains all the benefits of the decentralization. Stablecoin adoption is a necessity for any payment system that is going to be widely used.