How mass payouts benefit crypto faucets?

A crypto faucet is an affordable way for everyone to earn income without investments and leaving home. Such simplicity and accessibility have attracted a huge number of users who expect that they will receive payment quickly and on time. We suggest that you found out how a mass payment solution can help crypto faucets outrun competitors, attract more customers, and retain existing ones.

Key Points:

  • Crypto faucets are an affordable way for everyone to earn a little money.
  • The activity of crypto faucets is directly related to payments to a large number of users.
  • With NOWPayments, service providers can cost-effectively send mass payouts.

Crypto faucets. What are they?

Crypto faucets. What are they?

Crypto faucets are specialized services for earning cryptocurrencies. These services are especially popular among newbies who want to get acquainted with the crypto sphere but do not risk becoming traders. In order to make money with crypto faucets, users need to register on the platform and start performing simple tasks. Most of the tasks presented on crypto faucets boil down to solving the captcha, viewing ads, clicking on links, registering on third-party resources, or completing quizzes. 

Crypto faucets can be divided into those who make payouts in certain time intervals (e.g., once a week) and those who oblige users to earn an amount exceeding a certain price threshold before withdrawing their profits. 

The primary purpose of crypto faucets is to familiarize users with digital assets and stimulate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. So, any user without having any deep knowledge can easily earn their first Satoshis. 

Benefits of mass payouts for crypto faucets?

Benefits of mass payouts for crypto faucets?

As we have already mentioned, the activity of crypto faucets is based on solving simple tasks by users and systematic payments by services. Given the popularity of crypto faucets, there are a considerable number of users who want to earn a little money without getting up from the couch. For example, the popular Bitcoin faucet FreeBitcoin had almost 50 million registered users at the time of writing. Naturally, all these users have registered on the website not to solve captchas and watch annoying ads but to earn some money. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that the number of users will instantly decrease in case of payment delays. 

Thus, there are three main advantages of mass payments for crypto faucets:

Send crypto payouts to an unlimited number of users

Using the mass payment tool, you can group the addresses of users’ crypto wallets and send the pre-specified amounts in one click. NOWPayments can help you automate the payment process, ensuring a good relationship between you and your users. You can effectively use our service to send payments to hundreds and thousands of your customers. The payment process is almost instantaneous. You just need to deposit funds to your personal account, specify the recipients’ wallet addresses and amounts, and approve the operation.

Save on transaction fees

Service providers face an unpleasant moment when sending payments separately — they need to pay a network fee for each transaction. These can be small expenses if we talk about cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin or Dash. But in the case of assets popular among crypto faucets — Bitcoin and Ethereum — fees can hit the wallet pretty hard. Using the mass payout tool, you can batch many small transactions into one. Therefore, one transaction — one network fee.

Increase your trust rating

With the help of NOWPayments, you can increase the number of satisfied users and therefore secure more customers and more profit. In addition, you can configure the reception of instant payment notifications and track the status of payments at each stage. This way, you will know for sure that the amount has reached the recipient or that the transaction has failed or been rejected.



Crypto faucets are a great way to earn money for those who want to get acquainted with cryptocurrency and not take risks. It is almost impossible to make large sums with the help of crypto faucets, but this does not stop millions of people who want to join the platforms. In order to retain these users and attract new ones, service providers can use a mass payment solution. Mass payments solution is a cost-effective way of sending funds, which provides automation of the process and gives confidence that each payment has reached its destination.