KISHU’s guardian angel: TENSHI explained

KISHU has won the hearts and minds of millions of crypto investors and nothing is stopping it from growing its market share. In order to advance the project further, KISHU creates new use cases and generates additional utility for users. TENSHI is one of the recent additions to the KISHU ecosystem. TENSHI is not simply another coin accompanying the main asset, it is, in fact, the governance token of the entire Kishu Inu ecosystem. The mission of TENSHI is to act as the guardian angel of Kishu Inu and serve as fuel for various future services and products. NOWPayments promotes wider adoption by enabling people and organizations to accept TENSHI payments. Learn more about TENSHI to understand if it is the right fit for your company.

KISHU’s guardian angel: TENSHI explained

Key points:

  • TENSHI is a governance token in the Kishu ecosystem.
  • TENSHI’s value stems from its utility.
  • Get paid in TENSHI via NOWPayments.

What is Tenshi cryptocurrency?

Tenshi Basics

Tenshi Basics

In the official whitepaper of the project, TENSHI is referred to as a sidekick of KISHU. Basically, it is a match made in heaven. The coin was created in July 2021. The ultimate goal of its existence is to better Kishu’s entire ecosystem, while, simultaneously, providing adequate utility to the entire project, and rewarding its holders through advanced tokenomics. For instance, users are given rewards in Ethereum just for holding Tenshi.

Since it represents a governance token to Kishu Inu, it will also be used for charity work where the community will be able to choose which organizations will directly receive donations from the Kishu Inu project.

Tenshi Tokenomics

Tenshi is an ERC20 token, so it lives on the Ethereum blockchain and has a maximum supply of 1 billion. One of its key Tenshi’s technicalities is a decentralized usage rewards mechanism, where holders enjoy 2% rewards in Ethereum on every active user’s transaction. Rewards are only applicable to decentralized wallets, which foster a healthy distributed network and active community engagement. So, holding is the name of the game!

Does TENSHI have value?

Does TENSHI have value?

TENSHI definitely has value since it has been going strong for over a year now and shows no signs of losing holders and investments. People continue to pour their money into TENSHI because they believe that the coin will eventually gain momentum and start rising steadily in price. Moreover, given that currently, the bear market is still in full swing we can expect a guaranteed increase in TENSHI’s price once people start pumping Bitcoin and top altcoins again. Additionally, the value of TENSHI is supported by its native Kishu Inu ecosystem that has many in-demand products that require TENSHI coins. So, in that sense, TENSHI is positioned perfectly for future growth. At the same time, it is still important to note that you must always do your own research and make your own decisions when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

TENSHI use cases

TENSHI has multiple solid use cases, here are some of them.

Kishu Swap

Kishu Swap is the absolute gem of the Kishu Inu ecosystem. It is a decentralized exchange enabling users to convert their Ethereum to KISHU or TENSHI and vice versa. Kishu Swap is the obligatory stop for every person who wishes to invest in TENSHI because it is the most user-friendly and overall best place to do it. The existence of a proprietary DEX in the Kishu ecosystem shows that the project possesses autonomy which protects it from particularly major fluctuations in the market.

Kishu Crate

$KISHU Crate is another awesome service of the Kishu ecosystem. It is the project’s own, personalized NFT platform where users can earn points, and claim unique NFTs from different farms. Basically, there are four types of farms on the platform. Users can stake their coins to get some cool-looking NFTs. You can choose your farm based on the type of NFT’s you want to acquire and how much Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) you want to stake. Although for now, the platform does not let you use TENSHI, the coin’s whitepaper states that in the future TENSHI will play a role in KISHU Crate.

Payments and Donations

NOWPayments is a non-custodial TENSHI payments service. In other words, NOWPayments is a crypto payments gateway that processes TENSHI payment and donation transactions. Businesses can accept TENSHI by employing tools offered by the service. NOWPayments greatly facilitates the payment process. It supplies merchants with ready-made solutions for issuing digital invoices containing QR codes that their customers can scan to make payments in crypto. In addition to payments, the service processes donations. NOWPayments is a low-cost service that charges a mere 0.5% fee per transaction, which is much lower than the fees charged by competitors. NOWPayments is also anonymous so you can set up TENSHI payments and donations privately.

How can I accept TENSHI coin?

Companies and individuals can integrate TENSHI payments and donations using NOWPayments. Here is the complete list of tools for receiving TENSHI coin payments offered by NOWPayments and available for deployment:

Here is a guide on how a Tenshi payment link can be created:

Register a NOWPayments account.
  • Step 2. Type in your public TENSHI address.
Type in your public TENSHI address
  • Step 3. Press “Create Payment Link.”
Create Payment Link
  • Step 4. Enter the details of your order.
Enter the details of your order
  • Step 5. You will receive a payment invoice that your clients will be able to settle by simply scanning its QR code.
You will receive a payment invoice


How many Tenshi coins are there?

The maximum supply of TENSHI is 1 billion coins. This is a relatively small number of tokens compared to other cryptocurrencies. Coupled with the fact that TENSHI has a deflationary model, there are strong factors promoting the coin’s value growth, thus contributing to its wider adoption.

How do you get a Tenshi coin?

Getting TENSHI coins is quite simple. You can either purchase it with the money you have at your disposal or ask someone you know to share their TENSHI with you. Alternatively, you can earn TENSHI by charging someone for your work in this coin. Use NOWPayments to accept TENSHI payments.

How to buy TENSHI

You can buy TENSHI in several ways including by using Kishu Swap.

Here is a guide on how to purchase TENSHI with USDT on changeNOW:

  1. Press on “Exchange Crypto” at;
  2. Pick USDT from the drop-down menu;
  3. Specify the sum of TENSHI you want to buy and press “Buy;”
  4. Specify your recipient wallet;
  5. Send USDT tokens to the wallet address provided by the platform;
  6. Once your transaction gets processed, you will be sent your TENSHI coins sum.


NOWPayments is your best choice when it comes to accepting TENSHI coin payments.