How to Pay at Starbucks Using Bitcoin

Starbucks has an iconic status among people who enjoy coffee and are always eager to drink a cup of Frappuccino or other exciting beverages. Today, the company is considered a staple of the American coffee culture and operates in over 70 countries worldwide, where it has more than 30,000 stores. In 2020, many enthusiasts became excited over the news that Starbucks was testing a new payment method Bakkt Cash in partnership with Bakkt, a platform that allows users to manage their crypto funds. Yet, this collaboration did not yield any significant results, and currently, Starbucks does not support crypto payments. Nevertheless, there is still a way to buy your favorite coffee with Bitcoin or other coins.

Let’s dice right into Starbucks Bitcoin relations. Is or is not Starbucks accepting Bitcoin?

Why Starbucks is So Popular

Starbucks coffeehouse
A Starbucks coffeehouse

Great Menu

Established in 1971, over the course of several decades, Starbucks has managed to gain international acclaim for its delicious products and exceptional service provided to customers. Apart from its coffee, Starbucks offers an extensive assortment of beverages and snacks to accompany them, including Frappuccino, hot and iced teas, refreshing fruit drinks, as well as sandwiches, wraps, and cakes. The absolute fans of the chain also can enjoy their favorite coffee at home since Starbucks sells different blends at their coffeehouses and stores. From business people rushing to get their morning cup of Americano to students sipping their Oatmilk latte during a big break, people like Starbucks because its variety of products easily satisfies everyone’s tastes.

Unique Atmosphere

Many adore Starbucks not only for its products but also for the coffeehouses, which make the simple process of buying and drinking coffee special on every occasion. Starbucks cafes are inviting and pleasant to hang around at, especially with friends, family, or colleagues. Their interiors have a touch of luxury and class and are spacious, so people do not feel cramped in and under pressure to leave as fast as possible. That is why freelancers and students love to spend their time there doing their remote work or studying over a cup of fresh coffee. Starbucks encourages people in their desire to stay on its premises and even provides them with free and fast Wi-Fi to better their experience. 


A high-speed Internet connection is not the only benefit of being a Starbucks client. The chain has a loyalty program for its regulars that allows them to earn Stars which can then be spent on various rewards, usually free food or drinks. The members of the Starbucks Rewards program are offered many opportunities to earn their stars. Clients can gain up to three stars for one dollar spent at Starbucks, as well as get a free coffee and refills. The brand also distributes Star Codes, which can be found on specially marked products and redeemed in the users’ accounts. Apart from food and coffee, Stars can be used to obtain free Starbucks merchandise such as mugs and tumblers.

So does Starbucks accept Bitcoin?

Starbucks Gift Cards

About Starbucks Gift Cards

In addition to Starbucks Rewards, the company has other features which aim to improve user experience and increase customer loyalty. Despite the fact that today Starbucks Bitcoin payments are not available and the company does not accept cryptocurrencies opting for cash, debit, and credit cards, Starbucks payment options are plentiful. Let’s take Starbucks Gift Cards, which can be bought with crypto. These gift cards constitute a convenient way for Starbucks clients to pay for their daily coffee and food and earn twice as many Stars for each dollar spent. Customers can have numerous gift cards, and some even collect them because the company constantly introduces new designs, often dedicating them to certain celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

How to Use Starbucks Gift Cards

To start using a Starbucks Gift Card, one needs to buy it first, and the process of doing it varies depending on the country. For example, in the UK, the cards are available for purchase only at grocery stores and Starbucks coffeehouses, while in the US customers can buy them from the company’s official website. Starbucks also allows its clients to add their cards to the app by entering their numbers and eight-digit codes. Moreover, these cards can be reloaded in the user’s account, at a coffeehouse, or in the app. This removes the necessity to regularly buy new cards when the balance on the old one reaches zero. You can transfer funds from one card to another. Users in the US can send a gift card to anyone they like through the app and accompany it with a message. So, it makes it a perfect birthday present. Starbucks has an option for businesses that want to treat their customers or simply express their gratitude to the clients for their support. Any company can order Starbucks cards in bulk, place their own design containing business details on them, and distribute them among its clientele.

How to Buy Stars with Cryptocurrencies


In the absence of a direct crypto payment option at Starbucks, the gift card becomes the ultimate solution for those who strive to avoid using fiat money and want to stick to their coins. Luckily, there are third-party services that are ready to satisfy the demand of crypto enthusiasts and have a readily available assortment of gift cards which one can exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitrefill is one of such services where users can find Starbucks Gift Cards almost from any part of the planet. The card’s country of origin is important since, for example, a card from Poland may not work in the US. That is why it is essential when searching for cards at Bitrefill to ensure that the card’s currency fits the one of the user’s nation. The process of buying a card at Bitrefill is simple; one needs to choose a product, add it to the cart, proceed to the checkout and pick the cryptocurrency of choice. Currently, the website accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dash, and even Dogecoin. After the purchase is confirmed, the card’s details are sent to the customer in an email along with instructions on how to activate the card.

Fold App

Fold App
Fold App interface

Websites which sell Starbucks Cards are not the only method for crypto investors to buy their favorite coffee without the need of utilizing dollars and euros. Fold allows its users to easily buy gift cards of major companies, including Starbucks Bitcoin one, right in the phone app. Moreover, every purchase grants users a cashback in the form of several Satoshis, which can be spent on cards in the future. The app supports the Lightning Network, which enables more rapid and cheaper Bitcoin transactions compared to the standard Bitcoin blockchain. Fold provides users with a seamless experience and considerably facilitates the process of Starbucks payment with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Starbucks Payment in the Future

Starbucks’ recent experiment in partnership with Bakkt is a good sign that the company is seriously considering the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It is possible that the current Bitcoin prices will encourage Starbucks to move faster in this direction. So, Starbuck accepting Bitcoin might be a reality at some point.