How can you accept cryptocurrency on social media in 2022?

Cryptocurrency and social media are an inseparable symbiosis. After all, today, you will not find a single crypto project that does not use Twitter, Telegram, or Discord to promote its brand and engage the community. Many crypto projects have millions of subscribers, which can play into the hands of business owners and non-profit organizations/individuals because, with the help of NOWPayments, everyone will find a suitable tool for accepting cryptocurrencies on social media.

Key points:

  • In 2022, social media is one of the main tools of interactions between providers and consumers.
  • Non-profit organizations can use the NOWPayments donation link to accept crypto.
  • Merchants using social networks can get additional benefits from crypto payments.

Why accept crypto using social media

Why accept crypto using social media

Cryptocurrency and social media go hand in hand from the very beginning of their journey. As we all remember, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, actively promoted the first cryptocurrency on forums, such as Bitcoin Talk. To date, almost nothing has changed.

Social networks are firmly embedded in our daily lives, and perhaps there is not a single person who would not use one of them. With the help of social media, companies promote their brand, interact with the audience, teach, announce upcoming updates or events, and build their community. For example, the Bitcoin community on Twitter has more than 5 million users, and Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have more than 3 million each.

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and others are in active use among business owners who want to attract more customers and increase their brand awareness. And most users of social networks are either simply sufficiently aware of such a phenomenon as “cryptocurrency” or are active members in all kinds of crypto communities.

Thus, by accepting cryptocurrency on social networks, bloggers, streamers, and non-profit organizations can easily and quickly raise the necessary funds. And business owners can boost their brand by showing themselves as up-to-date and tech-savvy companies.

Ways to accept crypto on social media

Crypto donations

Crypto donations

Crypto donations are the easiest way by which you can start accepting cryptocurrency on social networks. This method is available to everyone without exception because, with NOWPayments, you can share a link to accept donations in a safe and convenient manner.

Bloggers and streamers who use platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch for their activities can set up the acceptance of crypto donations. Just add a donation link to the video description, and your audience will be able to use it to support you.

In addition, charitable organizations can also use the crypto donation link to carry out transparent and effective fundraising. For example, suppose you are a charity organization and have a large audience on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another social network. In that case, you can add a link to the post’s description or pin it so that your contributors can have the opportunity to donate BTC, ETH, and more than 100 cryptos.

To create your own donation link:

  1. Sign up for your NOWPayments account.
  2. Navigate to the “Store Settings” section.
  3. Add your wallet address and generate an API key. 
  4. In the “Donations” section, enter the name of your link.
  5. Click “Save”, copy the link and provide it to your audience. 

Private communities

Private communities

As a content creator, you have every right to monetize your activities. However, in the case of social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and others, your content is publicly available. You receive funds only for advertising or with the help of donations. Nevertheless, suppose your services are really worthwhile, and the information you provide is relevant and valuable. In that case, you can transfer some of your content to social networks such as Telegram or Discord, where you can easily create private channels. You can grant access to a private club to those users who have paid for a subscription. With NOWPayments, you will be able to set up the acceptance of crypto subscriptions in a matter of minutes. Everything happens smoothly and efficiently. First, you announce the existence of a private channel in which additional privileges will be available to the audience and access to which is opened only when paying a subscription. Next, you create an invoice and a subscription group, after which NOWPayments will send an invoice to pay for the subscription to the specified email addresses. After the subscription is paid, you give the user access to the private community.

To create a subscription group:

  1. Sign up for your NOWPayments account.
  2. Add your payout wallet and generate an API key in the “Store Settings” section.
  3. In the “Invoices” section, create a new one.
  4. Create a subscription group in “Subscriptions”.
  5. Wait for the audience to pay. 

Instagram stores

Instagram stores

Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms via which users can provide their products and services. In 2022, according to Instagram, there are more than 200 million businesses that use the platform to promote their brands. So it’s not surprising because everyone can create a business account on Instagram. To do this, you need to create an attractive and engaging visual for your products and services, provide customers with high-quality feedback and establish a convenient and easy-to-use payment tool. Often, business owners who use Instagram allow them to pay for their services with a bank card, which often leads to payment delays, high fees, as well as chargeback fraud. With NOWPayments, merchants can create crypto invoices and allow consumers to use a crypto payment method. This can be not only a great marketing ploy but also provide faster, cost-effective, and secure payments.

To create an invoice:

  1. Log in to your NOWPayments account.
  2. Specify your payout address and generate a new API key.
  3. Create an invoice in the “Invoices” section.
  4. Send it to your customers as a link. 


Social networks are a way for companies to build a solid and dedicated community, promote their brand among the general public, and significantly boost their sales. The main method of payments or donations in social networks are bank transfers, PayPal, and others. However, these methods are not always effective, safe, and not quite suitable for international transfers. Fortunately, with NOWPayments, social media users are able to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment or donation option easily.