Crypto Donations to ELONGATE

ELONGATE on CoinSocialStory

Crypto is a perfect donation option for charities. Why?

  • Crypto offers low fees
  • Crypto transactions are global
  • Cryptocurrency is private and secure

You can donate with crypto on CoinSocialStory – a project that lists charities and lets people all over the world donate with any crypto with ease.

ELONGATE has become one of the new charities listed on CoinSocialStory. ELONGATE is a crypto charity coin. It helps charities explore the benefits of cryptocurrency.


ELONGATE crypto token is a charity crypto. Every transaction with the token has a 10% fee. 5% is a reward to the token holders, and another 5% is channeled to a pool where funds are collected and are waiting to be distributed to a charity. A new charity is chosen each week and promoted on ELONGATE social media. One of the examples is National Kidney Foundation.

ELONGATE makes interviews with charity representatives, like Susana Eshleman CEO of Children International, Junaid Butt, Director of Human Relief Foundation, Kevin Longino CEO of National Kidney Foundation, and Kimbal Musk co-founder of Big Green.

Seeing as ELONGATE encourages direct giving, NOWPayments – crypto payment gateway – and CoinSocialStory were proud and thrilled to come up with a solution for charities to accept crypto donations.

Right now ELONGATE has around 450K holders and $3 Million has been donated to charity in its 8 weeks of operation.

XVG donations

Verge currency offers a lot of benefits, such as low fees, privacy, extremely fast transactions. Learn more about Verge currency here.

A lot of prominent companies accept XVG payments.

XVG donation to ELONGATE

How to Accept XVG 

All you need to so is sign up, enter your XVG wallet address and create an API key. Then, you will be able to embed a crypto donations widget or add a button to your site.

As a charity, you can always register your project on CoinSocialStory.

Crypto donations