Crowdfundings that accept Bitcoin

Finding ways to put Bitcoins to work is not a problem in this day and age. Crypto investors have plenty of options when it comes to leveraging their holdings. One method of using Bitcoin is utilizing it for crowdfunding purposes. There are multiple platforms on the Internet that enable crypto owners to share their funds with people who wish to start exciting projects but lack resources. Read the article and learn why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are perfect for crowdfunding.

Key points:

Crowdfundings that accept Bitcoin
  • Crowdfunding is a good way of gaining necessary funding and attracting clients.
  • Many crowdfinding websites accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • You can use NOWPayments’ solutions if you run a company or charity and want to raise funds for your campaign using cryptocurrencies.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a popular way of gaining necessary financial resources for a project by inviting thousands of people to donate their money to it. Quite often, backers receive certain rewards in exchange for their contribution. For instance, if a certain technological startup wants to crowdfund the mass production of their new invention, they can offer it as an incentive for sponsors. Crowdfunding platforms help aspiring projects gain billions of dollars every year. Crowdfunding is a great way for entrepreneurs to avoid losing control over their business by selling a share of it to investors. Instead, with the help of crowdfunding, they can rely on a large number of backers who do not claim their stake in the company.

Why use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a currency that has a long list of advantages compared to fiat ones. Yet, perhaps, its transparency is the most important quality relevant for crowdfunding. Transactions that take place on the Bitcoin blockchain are recorded, stored forever, and available for everyone to see. Companies using crowdfunding can demonstrate how much money they received and spent through blockchain. Essentially, every backer who used Bitcoin will be able to track all the crypto transactions of the project they supported. The project, in its turn, will have the capacity to stay transparent and show to its sponsors its financial activities.

Crowdfunding sites that accept Bitcoin


Fundsurfer accepts Bitcoin

Fundsurfer is both an online and offline crowdfunding service that assists companies, projects, and people in raising money for different causes. The platform accepts Bitcoin and has managed to help its clients raise more than £1m, completing over 200 projects successfully.


StartEngine accepts Bitcoin

StartEngine is a crowdfunding service that focuses on startups that are in need of financing in order to launch their products. Currently, you can fund vitamin beverages, renewable energy storage, innovative lawnmowers, and even tequila. StartEngine accepts cryptocurrencies from backers.


Tecra accepts Bitcoin

Tecra is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to bring transparency and trust to crowdfunding. In order to sponsor Tecra’s projects, backers first need to buy TecraCoin. The native currency of Tecra serves as the primary crowdfunding asset that one can use to finance projects. Tecra has already enabled its partners to raise more than $3m.


BitHope accepts Bitcoin

BitHope is a small crowdfunding that accepts Bitcoin. The service helps people to receive vital assistance needed for their initiatives. The project features several crowdfunding campaigns in different spheres. For instance, users can donate to Earth Law Center that advances the Rights of Nature in Africa. BitHope utilizes Bitcoin as the primary medium of contributions on its website.

How Crowdfunding platforms can accept Bitcoin

NOWPayments is a service that can provide crowdfunding projects and individual companies raising funds with tools to accept crypto payments and donations. NOWPayments’ clients can utilize crypto invoices, Point-of-Sale terminals, plugins, as well as widgets and links to deploy their crypto payment gateways.


Crowdfunding is an excellent way of gaining necessary funding and attracting clients. There are many crowdfunding sites that accept Bitcoin. If you run a company or charity and want to raise funds for your next project using cryptocurrencies, you can utilize NOWPayments’ solutions.