Best Sportsbooks that Accept Bitcoin: Full List


In the fast-paced world of sports betting, innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many sportsbooks are embracing digital currencies as a payment option to attract a new segment of customers. In this article, we’ll explore the rise of sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and how NOWPayments can help these businesses seamlessly integrate crypto payments to enhance the betting experience for their users.

The Rise of Bitcoin in Sports Betting

Cryptocurrencies have made significant inroads into the world of sports betting, offering bettors a convenient and secure way to place their wagers online. As the demand for Bitcoin betting grows, more and more sportsbooks are recognizing the value of accepting digital currencies as a payment method, providing bettors with greater flexibility and choice when it comes to funding their accounts.

Benefits of Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin

  1. Anonymity and Privacy: Bitcoin transactions offer a high level of anonymity and privacy, allowing bettors to place their wagers without having to disclose sensitive personal information.
  2. Low Transaction Fees: Compared to traditional payment methods, Bitcoin transactions typically incur lower fees, saving both sportsbooks and bettors money on processing costs.
  3. Global Accessibility: Bitcoin is a borderless currency, allowing sports bettors from around the world to place their wagers without the hassle of currency conversion or international transaction fees.
  4. Fast and Secure Transactions: Bitcoin transactions are processed quickly and securely, allowing bettors to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings with ease.

So, Do Any Sportsbooks Accept Crypto?

Yes, here are some of them, according to such sources as Cryptomaniaks, Cryptonews and other sources:

  1. Advabet
  2. Bitstake
  4. MyStake
  6. SportBet
  7. Vave

How NOWPayments Can Help Accept Crypto Payments:

NOWPayments offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to simplify the process of accepting cryptocurrency payments for sportsbooks. With easy integration options, secure transaction processing, and a user-friendly interface, NOWPayments provides everything sportsbooks need to seamlessly incorporate Bitcoin payments into their platform.

Getting Started with Accepting Bitcoin for Sports Betting:

Ready to revolutionize your sportsbook with Bitcoin payments? Sign up for a NOWPayments account today and start accepting Bitcoin payments on your platform. With NOWPayments as your trusted partner, you can attract new customers, increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving world of online sports betting.


As the demand for Bitcoin betting continues to grow, sportsbooks that accept digital currencies are gaining a competitive edge in the industry. By embracing Bitcoin payments with the help of NOWPayments, sportsbooks can attract a new segment of customers, increase revenue, and enhance the overall betting experience for their users. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your sportsbook – sign up with NOWPayments today and take your business to new heights!

Disclaimer: partnership with NOWPayments in high-risk industries may be subject to additional business verification. Casinos are subject to local licenses, check carefully before engaging!