Accept Payments in Huobi Token on NOWPayments

The easiest payment solution to accept crypto is now proud to accept Huobi Token (HT). This token was launched by the famous Singapore-based exchange Huobi, allowing you to do many things such as get rewarded for holding the tokens, have reduced fees when exchanging crypto on the platform. Get invited to Huobi events, you can check out more information about their token here.

How is NOWPayments the easiest way for you to accept crypto payments?

With our API, NOWPayments allows you to accept cryptocurrencies as easily as 1-2-3. Our crypto payment gateway allows you to seamlessly integrate the solution to your webpage and by using its CMS plugin, you can integrate NOWPayments fully into your web store. Log in to NOWPayments to register, and you’re already halfway done.  NOWPayments is a safe and noncustodial service that allows you to be paid in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Your payments – your way.

Using NOWPayments, you can also accept crypto donations on your webpage, Setup NOWPayments on your webpage, and start accepting Huobi Token in donations today! Check out this link here to set up your donation button. 

Accept Payments in  Huobi Token on NOWPayments

1. Registering on the NOWPayments non-custodial system allows you to send payments directly to your OWN address.

2. Using NOWPayments easily integrated API,  you can set up payments in minutes on your webpage.

3. Once set up, let your clients pay in crypto!

With NOWPayments, you can let your users pay you in the available cryptos like Huobi token, but you can choose to only accept Bitcoin, NOWPayments does the rest for you, making it the easiest way for you to accept the currency you want!

To get started accepting Huobi Token, create an account or sign in, set up your merchant account, but the address of your chosen currency and accept today!

Step 1: Set up the price in fiat currency,
Step 2: NOWPayments will calculate in real-time what that price is, with the selected currency, 
Step 3: You receive payment in the currency of your choice.

Do your business NOW, and let us worry about making payments work for you.