Who accepts crypto using PoS

Companies choose to accept cryptocurrencies as payment using different methods. Point-of-Sale terminals are among the most convenient ways to feature crypto payments. Point-of-Sale terminals can be deployed using a special device or with the help of web-based solutions. Here is a list of businesses that have integrated crypto payments through Point-of-Sale terminals.

Key Points:

Who accepts crypto using PoS
  • A Point-of-Sale terminal is a popular way of collecting crypto payments.
  • Arms&McGregor, Kessel Auto, and Bic Camera use PoS systems to accept digital assets.
  • Businesses can deploy a web-based PoS terminal with the help of NOWPayments.

Major Cineplex Group

Major Cineplex Group

Major Cineplex Group is a chain of movie theaters that perhaps every person from Thailand is familiar with. The company has dozens of locations around the country. Major Cineplex Group always screens the best of the newest movies from the main distributors and studios. In 2021, Major Cineplex Group partnered with Zipmex, a Thai crypto exchange, to bring crypto payments to its clients. The method of accepting cryptocurrencies chosen by Major Cineplex Group was Point of Sale. In order to buy a ticket, customers have to choose the movie they want to see and the seats at a special machine at the theater. Once they specify these aspects, a QR code will be generated automatically which they will have to scan to pay for their tickets. The system is quite simple and does not imply interacting with the cinema theater staff. Thus, people living in Thailand can now buy movie tickets with their crypto.



Arms&McGregor is a prominent real estate broker based in Dubai that lets people discover and purchase property of their dreams in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The realtor provides services to both people seeking residential property and businesses in need of commercial spaces. Arms&McGregor also helps landlords to find suitable clients and manage their properties in an effective way. The broker allows its clients to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This is possible thanks to Utrust, a fintech company specializing in the processing of digital payments. The PoS solution used by Arms McGregor significantly facilitates the payment settlement process. Once the client is ready to pay money, Arms&McGregor generates a link with payment details. The customer needs to conduct a transaction in accordance with the payment details. Such a PoS method of accepting cryptocurrencies is ideal for Arms&McGregor and similar realtors since it is borderless and does not entail any massive fees.


A1 accepts crypto

A1 is a key player in the sphere of communications in Austria, as well as Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and other European countries. A1 also sells electronics such as cell phones and tablets. Overall, the company has more than five million customers in the countries of its presence. In 2019, A1 introduced its own PoS solution in partnership with Salamantex, which assisted A1 in building the cryptocurrency payments infrastructure and designing a Point-of-Sale terminal. Although A1 has numerous locations in different European cities, the option of paying with crypto through a POS terminal is available primarily to clients living in Austria. The PoS devices created by A1 and Salamantex function as ordinary payment terminals, except that they can accept the cryptocurrency of customers. A1 wanted to avoid value fluctuations of cryptocurrencies and decided to enable an automatic conversion from crypto to fiat at the point of sale. Thus, whenever A1’s clients pay with crypto, the company receives fiat.

The Dolder Grand Hotel

The Dolder Grand Hotel accepts crypto

The Dolder Grand is the absolute manifestation of luxury. Located in the Swiss Alps, the hotel has been serving clients for more than a century, attracting guests from all over the world. The building of the hotel itself looks like it came off a picture in a fairytale book. The place is built for the rich and powerful, and since there are many crypto investors, at least among the first type of the hotel’s clientele, the Dolder Grand decided to offer crypto payments to its guests. The hotel uses a virtual PoS terminal developed by Bitcoin Suisse, a popular crypto exchange from Switzerland. The solution provided by Bitcoin Suisse works in a similar fashion as the ones described above. In order to conduct a payment, the hotel specifies the amount the customer needs to pay and the coin with which they want to do it, after that, the guest foots their bill by scanning a QR code and using their crypto wallet.

Kessel Auto

Kessel Auto accepts crypto

Kessel Auto is another partner of Bitcoin Suisse that accepts cryptocurrencies with the help of the exchange’s Point of Sale software. Kessel Auto is a dealership of premium and sports cars that has locations in Zug and Lugano. The company has been in operation since the 1970s and has official dealership licenses from big names such as Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, and Pagani. Kessel Auto’s team is active in racing tournaments and even won several major events on the circuits of Europe. Kessel Auto has its own atelier, which focuses on bringing back to life classic cars and delivering restoration and maintenance services to clients. Kessel Auto’s customers can pay with Bitcoin by simply scanning a QR code generated by Bitcoin Suisse’s Point-of-Sale solution. This means that Kessel Auto’s personnel can accept payments from clients from different parts of the world by sending them a code in an email which is quite convenient especially compared to bank transfers.


Montana accepts crypt

Montana is a large manufacturer and seller of spray paint whose quality has been recognized by many artists. The store has an extensive selection of spray paint of different colors and types. One of the official stores of the company is located in Norway, and it accepts cryptocurrencies. The store does it with the help of Pundi X’s XPOS terminal. Pundi X is a fintech business based in Singapore which operates in the sphere of the crypto economy. XPOS is the system designed and sold by Pundi X which enables companies to sell and accept cryptocurrencies. The Montana store from Norway uses the device of Pundi X to collect payments from its clients. In order to conduct a transaction, a customer can scan a QR code generated by the terminal or use a special XPASS Card. The card is issued by Pundi X and lets its owners pay at stores without the need to use their mobile phones.

Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin Depot accepts crypto

Bitcoin Depot is a company that has a large network of crypto ATMs in the United States and Canada. In fact, there are virtually more than three thousand ATMs owned by Bitcoin Depot. Although the company is not an ordinary business, it still is a good example of an enterprise that utilizes a PoS terminal as the primary means of accepting and selling cryptocurrency. Each ATM of Bitcoin Depot is a PoS device that people wanting to get or sell crypto can interact with to conduct transactions. For instance, in order to sell cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Depot’s clients need to choose the amount they want to withdraw and then scan a QR code which will take them to their crypto wallet where they will be able to make a transaction. PoS is the best option for Bitcoin ATMs because it makes the process of acquiring digital assets and selling them convenient and straightforward.

Bic Camera

Bic Camera accepts crypto

Everyone knows that crypto adoption in Japan is perhaps one of the most prominent ones on the planet. The rate at which Japanese citizens embrace crypto is quite impressive. As a result, it is pretty normal to come across numerous shops accepting cryptocurrencies there. Bic Camera is a large chain of electronics stores in Japan that lets clients shop with crypto and pay using a PoS system. At Bic Camera stores, one can purchase new laptops, watches, TVs, kitchen appliances, and even food. To pay with Bitcoin at Bic Camera, you need to notify the cashier about it first. Then, the cashier will generate a QR code, and you will be able to scan it and pay for your order. Bic Camera is not the only large merchant in Japan that accepts Bitcoin. For instance, Rakuten, one of the biggest Japanese corporations, lets its clients in Japan pay with crypto for multiple products, yet not using a PoS solution.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts accept crypto

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts have locations in Europe and Asia and provide people with a chance to receive ultimate relaxation and entertainment experience. Bali, Phuket, Madrid, and Rome are only several places where the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts has its presence. The company also offers curated journeys in different parts of Europe and Asia where people can enjoy high culture or simply taste wine and food in local restaurants. In order to make its services available to more people, the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts decided to feature cryptocurrency payments. The PoS method used by the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts lets its clients pay with dozens of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, DAI, DGB, and DOGE. As in the majority of PoS systems, clients only need to scan a QR code, and press send on their mobile phone. The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts is a great choice for people who made their millions in crypto and want to get away from the hectic world of digital assets.

Atupri Health Insurance

Atupri Health Insurance accepts crypto

Atupri Health Insurance is the leading health insurance provider in Switzerland. It is also the first Swiss insurance provider to accept cryptocurrency payments from clients. Today, people buying insurance from Atupri have the option of paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The company’s head of marketing and sales said, “Our offer boasts a high degree of customization. Our customers can always choose the payment method they prefer.” Thus, the business expanded its payment options to include digital assets. Atupri works in partnership with Bitcoin Suisse, which delivers its web-based PoS system to the insurance provider. Clients of Atupri do not have to go to great lengths to conduct a transaction since all they need to do is scan a QR code. The adoption of cryptocurrency payments certainly improves the customer experience of people opting for Atupri’s services and gives them more freedom when it comes to their preferred way of spending money.

How to accept crypto payments through a Point-of-Sale terminal

Why do NOWPayments use PoS?

Merchants that wish to follow the examples of the aforementioned companies can now deploy their own PoS system in a matter of minutes. NOWPayments has designed a user-friendly PoS solution that merchants from any part of the world can use to collect payments from their customers. Simply type in the sum that your client needs to pay, choose their crypto, and the system will generate a QR code that will let your customer make a transaction. The Point-of-Sale terminal of NOWPayments is entirely web-based, so you can use it even on your phone.


Many businesses worldwide accept cryptocurrencies using a PoS method. A Point-of-Sale terminal can be easily set up and used right away, especially a virtual one. Companies such as A1 and Major Cineplex Group already use crypto PoS systems. Join them by deploying your own PoS terminal with NOWPayments.