TUSD Added To The List of Supported Coins!

What is TUSD?

TrueUSD is a cryptocurrency that has a price tied to the US dollar’s rate. TUSD is one of the so-called stable coins which the crypto assets that are pegged to fiat or physical assets and are not subject to high volatility.

Currently, 100% of the TUSD supply is backed up by US dollars in legally protected escrow accounts with several bank partners so that you can trade, send and receive payments in crypto peacefully. For many people, stable coins make a better alternative than some other highly volatile coins. NOWPayments is happy to support a currency with such a great track record.

NOWPayments is an innovative and highly effective solution for processing crypto payments. As of right now, it supports 15 currencies and the list is expanding every week. We aim to bring the best services to our customers. For this, we designed simple to implement API with a wide range of options to choose from. With NOWPayments, you can create a custom solution perfect for your needs!

Other NOWPayments advantages include:

  • Instant auto conversion of funds to save your funds from rate fluctuations.
  • A wide range of coins — powered by ChangeNOW.
  • Transparent and hassle-free API.
  • Convenient store settings
  • No hidden fees and custody-free service.
  • Reliable 24/7 Support service.
  • Quickstart with our tutorial