Simplify Your Business with Syscoin Payments and Subscriptions API

Discover a new era of business efficiency. Syscoin has emerged as a potential game-changer in the digital transaction realm, and NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API is here to help you tap into its power. Imagine a seamless fusion of Syscoin payments into your operations, effortlessly managed to elevate your customer experience. Embark on this journey with us as we unveil the innovative features of NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API, redefining the way businesses interact with Syscoin transactions.

Benefits of Accepting Syscoin Payments

Security and Efficiency

One of the primary advantages of accepting Syscoin payments is the high level of security and efficiency it offers. Syscoin’s UTXO network, powered by Z-DAG technology, ensures near-instant probabilistic security on top of low-cost Proof-of-Work settlement for assets. This means that merchants can enjoy fast and reliable transactions while maintaining the highest level of security for their customers’ payments.

Scalability and Interoperability

Syscoin’s NEVM network, built on top of the UTXO network, offers flexibility and interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This compatibility allows developers to bridge their projects to NEVM, enhancing security and expanding their reach in the decentralized ecosystem. With Syscoin’s NEVM network, merchants can tap into a broader ecosystem of decentralized applications and users, increasing their market reach and potential customer base.

Enhanced Transaction Speed and Lower Fees

By accepting Syscoin payments, merchants can benefit from the platform’s fast and cost-effective transactions. Syscoin’s networks offer a streamlined payment process, allowing merchants to process payments quickly and reduce transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods. This not only improves the overall customer experience but also maximizes revenue for merchants by minimizing operational costs.

Decentralization and Peer-to-Peer Economy

Accepting Syscoin payments contributes to the growth of a decentralized ecosystem and supports the vision of a peer-to-peer economy built on blockchain technology. Syscoin’s blockchain platform empowers merchants to participate in a secure and transparent payment system, fostering trust and confidence among customers. By embracing Syscoin payments, businesses can position themselves as innovative leaders in the digital commerce landscape.

Syscoin’s Networks: UTXO, NEVM, and Rollux

Syscoin’s blockchain platform consists of different networks that offer distinct features and advantages. Understanding these networks is crucial for merchants looking to accept Syscoin payments and leverage the full potential of the platform.

Syscoin’s UTXO Network

Syscoin’s UTXO network is the native chain of Syscoin and provides a secure and efficient environment for transactions. This network utilizes Z-DAG technology, which ensures near-instant probabilistic security on top of low-cost Proof-of-Work settlement for assets. UTXO is ideal for minting and transacting stablecoins or Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), offering fast and reliable transactions while maintaining the highest level of security.

Syscoin’s NEVM Network

Syscoin’s NEVM network is built on top of the UTXO network and offers compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). NEVM inherits Bitcoin’s merge-mined security, providing a robust foundation for smart contracts and interoperability with various blockchain platforms. Merchants can bridge their projects to NEVM for enhanced security and tap into a broader ecosystem of decentralized applications and users.

Syscoin’s Rollux Network

Rollux is Syscoin’s Layer 2 solution designed to scale smart contracts and financial computations to meet real-world demands. As an optimistic rollup suite, Rollux offers near-instant low-cost transfers, executions, and contract deployments. By offloading part of the processing work to the Rollux network, merchants can enjoy faster processing times and improved scalability. Rollux also features Syscoin’s on-chain Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA) solution, ensuring the security of Layer 1 data availability.

Integrating Syscoin Payments with NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API

To streamline the integration of Syscoin payments into your business, NOWPayments offers a powerful Subscriptions API. This API includes an Email Subscriptions feature that allows merchants to assign payments to customers on a regular basis. The Subscriptions API enables merchants to create payment plans, generate payment links, and track transactions in real-time. Let’s explore the key features of NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API:

Creating a Recurring Payment Plan

Creating a Recurring Payment Plan

To initiate recurring crypto payments, merchants can use the “Create Plan” API method provided by NOWPayments. This method generates a unique ID for each plan, allowing merchants to manage and track their payment plans efficiently. Merchants can also make changes to existing plans using the “Update Plan” API method, which will take effect when a new payment is to be made.

Email Subscriptions

Email Subscriptions

NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API allows merchants to create email subscriptions and send payment links to customers. Customers will receive payment links via email, enabling them to make regular payments effortlessly. The Email Subscriptions feature ensures that customers are informed about upcoming payments, reducing the risk of missed payments and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Managing Recurring Payments

With NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API, merchants have full control over managing recurring payments. The API provides methods to view the entire list of recurring payments, filter them based on payment status or plan ID, and obtain relevant information about each payment. Merchants can also delete recurring payments if necessary, removing them from the recurring payment plan.


Accepting Syscoin payments offers a range of benefits for merchants, including enhanced security, scalability, lower transaction fees, and participation in a decentralized peer-to-peer economy. By integrating Syscoin payments into their businesses, merchants can tap into the platform’s unique features and provide their customers with a fast, secure, and cost-effective payment option. NOWPayments’ Subscriptions API simplifies the integration of Syscoin payments, enabling merchants to streamline their workflows and offer seamless recurring payment options. Embrace the future of digital commerce by accepting Syscoin payments and unlock a world of opportunities for your e-commerce business.