#StaySafe: 5 Reasons To Rely On Payments in Crypto

COVID-19 infection has shaken the market with traditional payments getting dangerous in the truest sense. Sounds like crypto is the must, doesn’t it? These are just a few valid reasons for the prompt digital wallet sign in. 

  1. Traditional payments are influenced by COVID-19 infection

Paying in cash or by card involves physical contact, so people are reasonably scared of using conventional methods. In some countries, banks are even heating paper money, but it is still not safe enough: the research on COVID-19 has shown that the infection can stay on plastic and paper up to 5 days. 

Direct risks are not the worst. The quarantine locks the world in and no-one knows its exact duration. We are pressed to work from home, borders keep on closing, businesses have to quit the game. As a result, the currency itself is also negatively influenced and gets pretty unstable. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market is afloat with no extra risks to face.

  1. Independency

Crypto sets you free from numerous bank accounts with tricky rules to follow. You can keep all your finances in the same digital wallet. Don’t forget that the market keeps on changing, and the new cryptocurrency is constantly introduced. NOWPayments makes the most of this with regular updates and the option of adding the coins you need to the list.

     3.  Instancy

24/7 you need a second for a transaction with no extra forms to fill in. All you need is your access to the Internet.
Crypto is borderless with currencies recognized everywhere and cheaper fees to pay, especially in CIS states and countries with volatile currency. 

     4.  Security

With crypto, you can’t deceive or be deceived. Crypto compliance works: today coins are fully credible. Today blockchain technology is a completely legal field with taxes paid, no laws violated. Moreover, you have keys and can control all the transactions on your own with no payments changed or deleted.
Don’t be deceived by ups and down: market movements are the norma. Just look at how Boeing stocks have recently gone +35%.

     5.  Simplicity

To benefit from your crypto digital wallet, you need no special knowledge. You can pay, receive and exchange money in a click with no extra so complex procedures required. Especially with NOWPayments!
Traditional payment systems are destined to get outdated soon, so #staysafe, go crypto, and choose NOWPayments.