NOWPayments Tech Update March 17

New tech update on NOWPayments! Check out our new features for the cases of partially paid transactions, new ‘get minimum amount API method, and 2FA options:

  1. Purchases. There is a special feature that is needed in order to create a new payment in case of partially paid transactions. From now on, you can browse all available surcharge payments in the “Payments” section, where the separate table “Purchases” is situated.
    In order to create a second payment, you need to use “Create payment” method and indicate the parameter “purchase_id”.
  2. New ‘get minimum amount’ API method. It allows you to find out the minimum payment amount. In this case, we will show the minimum payment amount to a token, a currency that is mentioned in your wallet, or to a specified pair respectively.
  3. Two-factor authentification. Now you can set 2FA up by using your e-mail or the Google Authenticator app.

What will be launched in the nearest future?

  1. OpenCart plug-in. You work on the OpenCart platform and want to accept crypto in the smoothest and most convenient way? Contact us and be among the first adopters!
  2. Invoice builder. You can create a payment in your dashboard and send the link to it directly to your customers. It is even possible to show them the address or a QR-code if you accept crypto offline.
  3. Affiliate program update. We will show you some neat new data in your personal account: estimated profit and count of your referrals for the past week.

If you have questions or suggestions, we are always happy to communicate by Telegram: @alexxnp or by mail: [email protected].