RACA on eCommerce plugins

If you follow all the latest developments in the sphere of crypto closely, chances are you have probably heard about Radio Caca. Radio Caca is not an average crypto project since it is an entire decentralized organization (DAO) which is run by a community consisting of numerous members. Radio Caca has a cool native token called RACA. The token serves many purposes on the network, yet it also can be used as a payment solution by businesses. NOWPayments provides eCommerce plugins to online stores that seek to integrate RACA payments.

RACA on eCommerce plugins

Key points:

  • Radio Caca is a Web 3.0 DAO.
  • RACA is private and borderless.
  • Online merchants can accept RACA payments using NOWPayments’ plugins.

What is a RACA coin?

As already mentioned, Radio Caca is DAO which is building an infrastructure for Web 3.0. The project is backed by OKX Blockdream Ventures, a notable fund which focuses on investing in high-quality blockchain projects. The DAO is operated by internet-native enthusiasts from different parts of the globe who share the same vision of creating a virtual world of the future.

The native token of Radio Caca RACA is the main gem of the project. Also known as Radio Caca Token, it simultaneously exists on multiple blockchains. Ethereum, Solana, OKExChain, and BNB Chain are all used by Radio Caca to host the project’s token. Radio Caca has its official fandom called RacaArmy, that consists of thousands of people who use Radio Caca, and businesses can join it by offering RACA payments to their clients.

Pros and cons of RACA payments



As any other cryptocurrency, RACA is borderless. This means that it is not limited by any geographic boundaries. Essentially, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you are welcome to use RACA. Such a feature is beneficial for businesses since they can integrate RACA as a universal payment method. Basically, unlike the mainstream payment solutions, RACA is available to everyone and does not require users to undergo any annoying registration procedures. So, RACA payments are a sensible choice for businesses not wanting to deal with the limiting payment methods such as PayPal and bank transfers.


Another important feature of RACA is its multi-chain nature. RACA coins exist on different blockchains. This adds to the convenience of RACA use. Some blockchains on which RACA exists have lower fees, while others have a faster speed of transactions. So, clients of businesses that offer RACA payments can choose which RACA version they want to utilize as a payment.


RACA is also anonymous. RACA transactions are peer-to-peer, and no third party is involved in them. So, when businesses receive RACA payments, they can be certain that no one knows about it except for them and their client. Additionally, to use RACA, you do not need to disclose your identity. So, RACA is a perfect payment solution for customers who care about their confidentiality when it comes to online shopping.


RACA also has certain shortcomings, which are, nevertheless, quite insufficient.

Ethereum speed of transactions

The speed of RACA transactions depends on the network on which the transaction takes place. For instance, Ethereum transaction speeds are slower than those of other RACA networks. As a result, businesses may not find it an appropriate blockchain to transfer RACA payments. At the same time, there are other faster alternatives, such as Solana, which make the issue rather irrelevant.

Ethereum fees

Similarly, Ethereum fees also can be a bit of a problem for businesses that accept RACA. Ethereum transaction costs can be outrageous, so it is always good to offer several RACA payment options to address this problem.

Best plugins to accept RACA



Shopify rightfully deserves the title of one of the main eCommerce solutions on the market. It offers an exhaustive line of features that can fully satisfy the needs of merchants. One of the biggest aspects of Shopify is that it makes it unnecessary to know how to code. Instead, Shopify fully automates the process of building an online store and makes it enjoyable. Basically, you only need half an hour to launch a world-class Shopify store and start selling your products. Shopify is also available to merchants from any part of the planet. Merchants can choose from hundreds of themes and dozens of extensions that can expand the functionality of their stores. Shopify merchants that wish to feature RACA payments can use NOWPayments’ plugin for Shopify.



WooCommerce is another major eCommerce platform for merchants worldwide. It enables businesses to make their online stores in a matter of minutes. WooCommerce is the official eCommerce platform of WordPress. It is fully open-source, which means that merchants can utilize it for free and develop their own extensions. The main tools of WooCommerce provide everything a merchant may need. WooCommerce merchants that want to feature a RACA payment gateway can install NOWPayments’ plugin to accept RACA.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is also a free and open-source eCommerce software which is developed by a large community of eCommerce experts. It allows businesses to run their online stores in an efficient way. Zen Cart is perfect for small stores that wish to avoid spending a fortune on their electronic cart system. It is also highly customizable, so merchants can add a ton of features that they find appropriate and useful for them. Zen Cart requires merchants to have some PHP and programming skills to create their custom Zen Cart themes. NOWPayments has a plugin that enables Zen Cart merchants to accept RACA as a payment.



Shopware is a scalable and versatile eCommerce platform for merchants. It lets businesses create a variety of store types, from indie shops to large marketplaces. Shopware has a user-friendly interface and offers unlimited opportunities to merchants when it comes to customization. So, merchants can either choose basic themes or create their own. NOWPayments’ plugin for Shopware lets businesses accept RACA payments.



PrestaShop is an eCommerce solution that is also extensively used by businesses. There are more than 300k online stores that exist on PrestaShop. It has an impressive set of features that businesses can employ in managing their stores. PrestaShop merchants can monitor their orders and inventory and calculate taxes. NOWPayments enables PrestaShop store owners to accept RACA payments.


RACA is a multi-chain token that can fit perfectly in the infrastructure of online stores. NOWPayments lets eCommerce businesses accept RACA payments.