Places to buy electronics with Bitcoin for Christmas

Despite its increasing popularity among merchants, many people still doubt whether they can buy the stuff they are looking to purchase with the help of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Sure, there are still a few things you still cannot buy using Bitcoin – but, if there is something you can buy using Bitcoin and altcoins, it is electronics!

It is just that you should know the right places that sell electronics (both online and offline). We figured most people are simply not sure about which sites accept crypto at this point. Therefore, we have prepared a handy list of websites and other offline places where you can pay with cryptocurrency instead of fiat money to buy electronics.

We have organized our guide on buying electronics with Bitcoin into a few different sections for convenience.

Why buy electronics with Bitcoin

As is the case with every other transaction using Bitcoin, your first probable reason to buy electronics using Bitcoin is the anonymity itself. However, here is something you may want to consider. Most online stores that accept Bitcoin use some form of crypto payment processors to make the transaction possible. To finish your transaction, you will have to provide some necessary information. Of course, you have an option to stay anonymous here, but some Payment Gateways may require a certain level of verification.

The second reason you may want to buy goods using crypto would be security, especially if you are looking to purchase something expensive. As you know, Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization – is powered by Blockchain technology. So, even when you transfer Bitcoin worth a massive amount of USD, you can be confident that the ledger has got your back. That happens when you pay Bitcoin at some electronics store or on a website. By the way, you may be able to save on tax and through promotions when you get something via Bitcoin.

We think these reasons are enough to keep a lookout for electronics stores that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Online electronics stores that accept Bitcoin

Here are some of the popular and trusted online electronics stores where you can pay using Bitcoin and probably an impressive variety of cryptocurrency tokens.

1.  Newegg — Buy electronics in the US with Bitcoin

Newegg is undoubtedly your best choice when you want to purchase various consumer electronics and pay using Bitcoin. You can get so much from this website that you can consider it an ‘Amazon for consumer tech.’ We are talking about desktops, laptops, custom-built computers, electronics components, gaming infrastructure, networking, office stationery solutions, home improvement tools, apparel, accessories, toys, and drones.

Most of these products get shipped from the United States, but they deliver to many areas worldwide. So, from the convenience point of view, the cryptocurrency payments on Newegg comes in handy. Let’s say you do not have an international debit/credit card or PayPal to pay for the stuff you get from Newegg. In this case, you can use Bitcoin with ease. By the way, you can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while checking out from this store.

2. The Pi Hut — Get Raspberry Pi accessories using Bitcoin

Are you a Raspberry Pi or Arduino enthusiast who wants to buy these things or related accessories by paying Bitcoins? You should then check out The Pi Hut, an electronics website that accepts Bitcoin besides popular payment methods like Amazon Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA. You can even get the newest boards and products based on Raspberry Pi from this website. For instance, you can get the brand-new Raspberry Pi 400 from The Pi Hut without any hassle.

The Pi Hut is based in the United Kingdom, but it ships products to many countries worldwide. Because the shop uses platforms like Royal Mail, DHL, and DPD, you do not have to worry about the orders you make via The Pi Hut. We also noted that The Pi Hut uses Bitpay as the payment gateway, which supports tokens other than Bitcoin. Altogether, we think the Pi Hut is a fantastic electronics store to get the best Raspberry Pi and products by paying crypto.

3. — Swedish e-commerce website that accepts Bitcoin is a Swedish website known for selling consumer electronics, gaming gear, and the newest video game titles. If you are from Sweden or related regions, you can get your favorite electronics by paying Bitcoin. The best part about is that you can purchase a product from some of the most prestigious brands across the world, such as Apple and Samsung. That is something you cannot do on many websites.

Regardless of what you purchase, you can pay for it using Bitcoin in the end. For instance, if you want to pre-order the brand-new AirPods Max from Apple, is the place to go. supports payments through Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and it is using the Bitpay Payment Gateway. You can also check out some cool promotions and coupons when you purchase something off of It is an undeniable choice for gamers altogether.

4. — One of the best places to buy electronics with Bitcoin in Europe is a UK-based website that is a haven for tech enthusiasts who want to get the best deals in consumer electronics. You can use this website to purchase various stuff, such as computer hardware, gaming components, music, and professional audio equipment, camera and video hardware, professional graphics, and Deep Learning AI tech. You can also get custom-made PCs that get delivered to your doorsteps on the very next day.

Scan has offered support for Bitcoin payments for a while now. You can also enjoy all the features like high-speed delivery and refunds when you purchase something using Bitcoin. It is just that you will be paid almost the same amount since the service uses the BitPay payment gateway. Ultimately, you can see as the best place to find anything and everything in the consumer tech category. Of course, the site ships to all parts of the world, but you need to be in the UK if you want the best speeds and exclusive access.

5. CoolWallet S — One of the best stores that sell hardware crypto wallets

Here is something you may want to check out if you are going to buy electronics that can help you make Bitcoin payments with ease. CoolWallet S is a dedicated website where you can purchase Bluetooth-based hardware wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash with ease. The best part is that you can manage this hardware Bitcoin wallet with your smartphone app’s convenience. You can also decide how your wallet looks and works.

We understand this is not an all-in-one electronics site, but most generic electronics sites do not sell a Bitcoin hardware wallet. Therefore, if you plan to expand your Bitcoin usage at local stores, including the nearby restaurants or hotels, you may want to get a wallet from CoolWallet S. Guess what? CoolWallet S also ships its hardware wallets to different parts of the world.

Other places to spend crypto to buy electronics

We are sure these websites will help you buy computer hardware with Bitcoin without the hassle of using exchanges and withdrawals. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the extra security and convenience of higher-value payments as well.

Some other places where you can buy electronics and computer stuff by paying crypto are:

1. Adafruit Industries

It is an amazing website you can find out-of-the-box electronics equipment at an affordable price. We are talking about custom-made and popular DIY projects that are impressive at all times. Of course, you can avail international shipping here.

2. Avnet

Here is another type of electronics store where you can pay via Bitpay. Unlike the other stores, Avnet caters to corporate clients by delivering high-quality components for servers and endpoint devices.

You can also check out some other websites that sell you electronics and hardware wallets for using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens.

Buying electronics with Bitcoin at brick-and-mortar stores

Well, some stores accept Bitcoin at their brick-and-mortar branches. It is a common belief that a few Japanese firms have been working with payment gateways to enable crypto-based payments. In the United States, many stores are now adopting the method. Unfortunately, there is no centralized website where we can track this development. If you ask us, you should better stick to online stores that grant some anonymity.

Some other methods to buy electronics for cryptocurrency

Another method is to get your favorite electronics products from desired websites using a crypto token like Bitcoin. Many websites allow users to purchase gift cards to popular online stores by spending their Bitcoin. You can get one of these gift cards, redeem the gift card on the desired website, and enjoy the shopping as you would typically do. You may have to pay a specific fee to the exchange/gift card lender, but you still save your total privacy and convenience.


We hope our coverage of crypto electronics stores helps you to make the best use of Bitcoin payments — no matter where you are. We have tried our best to include some of the well-known websites and offline stores that deliver worldwide. Now, you can get your favorite PC components, gaming, or the brand-new iPhone 12 Mini ahead of this Christmas!