NOWPayments Technical Update – December 2020

NOWPayments keeps on developing and perfecting its services for our partners. To enter 2021 with a spark, we just introduced 3 new features to make crypto payments as easy as they come! More info on the exciting changes we have in store for you below. Peep it!

1. Fixed Rate Conversions

This feature helps avoid the problem of volatility: the payment will be conducted according to the rate available at the moment of creating the payment. This way, merchants will be able to get precisely the amount they were expecting, with all the rate risks covered by us.

Start using the option NOW! (Available through the API)

2. Transaction History

Merchants using the NOWPayments API will be able to check their transaction history without having to log into the Personal Account every single time. Now, you can get all your transactions using your API endpoint! Read more in the API documentation.

3. API Invoices

We have enabled invoice creation for API-using merchants. Generate invoices for your clients, send the link, or share the QR code – right through your endpoint!

Do you have any feedback? Questions? Suggestions regarding new features we could add?

Drop a line to [email protected] – we are always happy to talk to our customers, both current and future ones!