New Update: Add As Many Outcome Wallets As You Want!

NOWPayments is excited to announce a new feature of ours: now, you can have several crypto wallets to receive your payments. This is what it looks like:

Add As Many Outcome Crypto Wallets As You Want!

And here’s how it works:

Previously, you had the ability to choose only one payout wallet. So, for example, if you chose to use DigiByte as a payout currency and your customers decided to pay with Pax coin we wouldn’t be able to provide you with autoconversion. Now, it’s covered! You can add as many wallets as you want, and the autoconversion will be done to the highest available payout currency. 

Some details:

  1. The higher your wallet is in your dashboard – the higher priority it has when you receive cryptocurrency payments.
  2. If your customer pays you with the currency of your prioritized outcome currency you will receive this payment directly onto your wallet.

    For example:
    Your customer pays you in ETH and it is your preferred (or only) crypto wallet, you will receive this payment in your ETH wallet.
    Otherwise, if you don’t have an ETH wallet, there will be an automated conversion to the wallet with the highest priority.
  3. If your client pays you with the currency, that you don’t have as an outcome wallet, there will be automated conversion.
    For example:
    You have ETH and BTC outcome wallets. If your customer pays you with DGB, you will receive your funds in Ethereum, because the Ethereum wallet has a higher priority than Bitcoin. And if your client pays you with the currency, that doesn’t yet have a pair to ETH, you will receive crypto funds in BTC because it is your second outcome wallet.
  4. You can specify as many wallets, as there are supported currencies.
    1 currency = 1 wallet.