Litecoin Point-of-Sale

Litecoin consistently gets listed as one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies on the market, and it is not a surprise since Litecoin presents investors with a faster and cheaper way of transferring their digital assets compared to Bitcoin. That is why Litecoin is so popular among thousands of merchants worldwide that offer it as a payment method to their clients. If you also wish to integrate a Litecoin crypto gateway into your business infrastructure, take a look at NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal, which makes accepting Litecoin easy.

Litecoin Point of Sale

Key Points:

  • Litecoin is a cryptocurrency with one of the biggest market capitalizations.
  • NOWPayments’ Litecoin Point-of-Sale terminal is free to set up.
  • NOWPayments’ Litecoin PoS terminal lets companies accept Litecoin as payment with the help of a QR code.

Make Litecoin payments easy

Make Litecoin payments easy

The Litecoin Point-of-Sale is user-friendly, and there is no learning curve to it since it is so easy to navigate. There are three main steps when utilizing the terminal. The merchant needs to specify the total sum of the order in dollars or euros, next they need to choose Litecoin as the payment option, and then, they need to enter information about the order. The rest is done automatically by the system. The PoS terminal generates a crypto invoice with a QR code. The code should be shown or sent to the client who wants to pay for products with their Litecoin. The terminal can be deployed on any type of device, from a phone to a laptop. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

For all businesses!

The Point-of-Sale terminal is a universal tool designed to be relevant for any type of company. There is no special equipment that merchants need to buy and deploy to accept Litecoin. This lets them save a substantial amount of money on the deployment of a crypto payment gateway. Moreover, since the terminal is so flexible and can be opened using any device, it can be used in numerous situations, as long as it has access to the Internet.

The invoices generated by the PoS terminal are reusable, and they can be sent to customers from foreign countries if you are working with overseas clients.

NOWPayments PoS features

NOWPayments PoS features

The Litecoin Point-of-Sale terminal from NOWPayments has various cool features:

The Litecoin PoS terminal takes the total order sum in fiat and automatically converts it to Litecoin, as well as adjusts it according to the latest exchange rate on the market.

Every transaction Litecoin processed by the terminal entails a small fee starting from 0.4%.

NOWPayments provides instant payouts to clients and does not hold their funds.

The Point-of-Sale terminal can be deployed anonymously since there is no KYC procedure required.

There is no cap on the number of times the crypto invoice made using NOWPayments’ Litecoin Point-of-Sale terminal can be reused.


Litecoin is one of the most popular digital assets on the market. Litecoin is in many ways superior to Bitcoin, including in terms of fees and transactions’ speed. As a result, Litecoin is a great payment method for businesses worldwide. NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal empowers companies to accept Litecoin as payment.