How to benefit from crypto affiliate partnership with NOWPayments?

We at NOWPayments are excited to introduce you to our updated amazing affiliate program that fosters the adoption of crypto payments and payouts in business of any scale and sphere. The advocates of NOWPayments can encourage businesses and people to start accepting crypto payments and donations with the help of our crypto gateway.

How does the NOWPayments affiliate program work?

Anyone can take part in the NOWPayments affiliate program by registering an affiliate account on NOWPayments website. No matter your previous experience in crypto, everyone can start to earn money by attracting new merchants to NOWPayments services. Participants are encouraged to bring to the NOWPayments new partners in order to receive a percentage of their profit, varying from 0,1 to 0,25%, according to the merchant’s turnover. The affiliate earnings may even increase, as long as the merchant’s turnover grows. Detailed terms and conditions, as well as commissions to be earned, are represented on the NOWPayments website. Participants of the NOWPayments affiliate program will be able to continuously benefit and earn the reward from merchant’s turnover for 5 years. The earnings are calculated for each transaction and are virtually collected in a personal account. The more merchants a participant of the affiliate program brings — the bigger reward he can get. Affiliates are able to track statistics of the estimated earned profits, list of all referrals, and the number of finished transactions per each referral. The minimum sum for withdrawing the affiliate reward is set to $50, with possibility to withdraw the earnings in any cryptocurrency preferred.

How to start earning with NOWPayments affiliate program?

  1. Register an account on NOWPayments website
  2. Go to the section “Affiliate program” in your personal account and copy a referral link
  3. Share it with merchants, individuals and businesses in your circle
  4. See your earnings being added automatically to your account on the NOWPayments website
  5. Withdraw your referral bonuses by pressing a button in any cryptocurrency of your choice. As soon as the payout gets status Finished, the funds are received.
  6. Your affiliate fee will be reset to zero when the status is posted, and the profit calculation will be made from the date you requested the withdrawal.