How Can Domain Providers Benefit from Crypto Payments?

It is not difficult to find companies offering to buy web hosting and domain, but not everyone is able to offer high-quality services, and even more so to surprise their customers somehow. The owners of web hosting companies are as sophisticated as they can and offer multiple additional services, but still do not provide themselves with a proper build-up of the customer base. Read on about how crypto payments can help domain providers. 

Key Points:

  • Crypto payments will help domain providers get global reach and rapid replenishment of the client list.
  • With the help of cryptocurrency domain providers can ensure the safe and efficient operation of clients’ websites.
  • NOWPayments crypto payment gateway provides minimal service fees, ready-made solutions, and free integration.

Crypto Payments and Domain Providers 

Crypto Payments and Domain Providers

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is in increasing demand among the population. Digital assets have become a safe, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to fiat. Internet users use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for investment, trading, sending funds, payments, and many other purposes.

The introduction of an additional payment method in the form of cryptocurrency has already become not a distinctive feature of a business that wants to stand out from competitors, but the mainstream. After all, crypto payments have already proven their effectiveness among both entrepreneurs and buyers. 

Given the rapidly growing popularity of crypto, more and more business owners accept it for payment. Today, buying coffee for cryptocurrency in a cafe opposite is no longer something from the world of fiction. And what can we say about domain providers whose activities are directly related to the central resource of the cryptocurrency — the Internet? Forward-thinking domain providers such as Namecheap, Hostkey, and Altus Host have already jumped into the crypto bandwagon, which allows them not to lose leadership in the market. The process of integrating the acceptance of crypto payments is much easier and faster than the integration of traditional payment methods. The only thing you need to think about is choosing a reliable crypto payment gateway, which, with the right selection, will do everything for you.


NOWPayments is deservedly included at the top of the best crypto payment gateways, which will make accepting crypto payments fast, secure, and simple. Our distinctive benefits include:

  • 100% free integration;
  • support for 150+ cryptocurrencies;
  • instant fee-less payouts;
  • the lowest service fee on the market  — 0.5%;
  • the possibility of a 20-minute rate freeze;
  • highly customized solutions;
  • fiat processing;
  • 24/7/365 support and personal account manager;
  • custodial and non-custodial solutions.

Ways to Use Crypto Payments for Domain Providers

Custom API

Custom API

Thanks to NOWPayments, domain providers can reach a new level in terms of serving their customers.

Providing additional useful functions, such as accepting crypto payments, will allow hosting providers to attract more international clients, as well as ensure the safe and efficient operation of clients’ resources. NOWPayments develops easily integrated custom APIs for casinos, iGaming, GameFi, adult, and trading industries. By implementing our white-label solution into the website builder, your Internet service company will gain an undeniable advantage by offering its customers such a unique innovative solution.

Billing solutions for subscription services

Billing solutions for subscription services

Crypto payments have already proven their effectiveness in the field of subscription services. Firstly, it is much cheaper than accepting credit cards, since the processing fees are way lower.

Secondly, crypto provides an almost instantaneous settlement. Thirdly, crypto payments have global reach and are censorship-resistant. Well, finally, you will not encounter credit card fraud and chargebacks. With the help of NOWPayments, you can ensure a rapid cash flow by implementing one of the solutions:

  • Recurring invoicing with which you can remind your customers about the need to renew their subscriptions.
  • Custodial recurring payments with which you can create accounts for your customers, allow them to top them up, and debit payments for their services automatically. 

Plugins and standard API for e-commerce

Plugins and standard API for e-commerce

Constant competition in the e-commerce market has led to the fact that this area has become one of the pioneers in terms of accepting crypto payments.

This is not surprising, because the more payment methods the entrepreneurs provide, the more customers they attract. This also works in the field of web hosting. The more services a domain provider provides, the more profitable it is. Many business owners believe that the integration of crypto payments in their online store is a tedious and expensive process, but they understand that it is necessary for a successful business. You, as a domain provider, can make this task easier for them by providing ready-made plugins and lightweight APIs for their websites.

Mass payouts for affiliate companies, referral programs, salary payouts, etc. 

Mass payouts for affiliate companies, referral programs, salary payouts, etc. 

With NOWPayments, you can not only accept crypto payments but also send mass payments. This is especially convenient for modern companies that have employees all over the world.

Thanks to cryptocurrency, you can establish transparent relationships with your employees, as well as eliminate bank delays and avoid huge fees. In addition, this solution is perfect for the formation of a referral program, which, according to some estimates, increases the customer base by up to 25% in B2C niches and up to 60% in B2B. And, of course, do not forget about the affiliate program, because nowadays the more publicity, the more chances that potential customers will turn to you.

How to Begin

NOWPayments can help all along with the integration of our solution into your platform or directly into your merchants’ platform! Domain providers can set up the acceptance of crypto payments in a matter of minutes, as well as try out all the advantages of crypto subscriptions and mass payments. Integration of any NOWPayments solution is absolutely free. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create your NOWPayments account without mandatory verification and payment for account registration.
  2. Go to “Settings” > > “Payment settings”.
How to Begin
  1. Add your crypto wallet.
  2. Generate an API key.
  3. Select the tool you are interested in and integrate it into your service.


In this article, we have analyzed in detail the advantages and ways of using crypto payments for domain providers. NOWPayments will help at all stages of the integration process, but if you still have questions, we are always in touch.