Breaking News: Embrace the Fun with FUN Token Integration — NOWPayments Announces Partnership!

NOWPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, has announced its integration with FUNToken (FUN), enabling businesses worldwide to accept FUN payments seamlessly. This exciting partnership will provide users with increased opportunities to use FUN as a payment option for goods and services, while also expanding the adoption of FUNToken. This article will outline the benefits of accepting FUN crypto payments, delve into the features of the FUNToken, and discuss the implications of this partnership.

Introduction to NOWPayments

NOWPayments is a non-custodial, user-friendly platform that allows businesses to accept crypto payments from their customers. With an extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies, NOWPayments aims to simplify the process of accepting digital assets for goods and services while providing a secure and reliable payment solution. The platform offers various integration options such as API, eCommerce plugins, and donation widgets, making it easy for businesses and individuals to accept FUNToken payments and other cryptocurrencies.

Accepting FUN Crypto Payments

Why Accept FUN Payments?

Accepting FUNToken payments can bring numerous benefits to businesses and individuals. These include:

  • Lower transaction fees: FUNToken transactions typically have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers.
  • Faster transactions: With the use of the XFUN Layer 2 token, FUN transactions can be completed much faster than traditional payment methods, providing a more efficient experience for both businesses and customers.
  • Secure and transparent: FUNToken payments are decentralized, publicly recorded, and trackable, ensuring a transparent and secure payment process.
  • Increased accessibility: By accepting FUN crypto payments, businesses can reach a wider audience, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users who prefer decentralized payment options.
  • Enhanced user experience: By offering additional payment options like FUNToken, businesses can cater to different customer preferences and improve their overall user experience.

How to Accept FUN Payments?

To accept FUNToken payments, businesses can follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a NOWPayments account.
  • Enter your FUNToken address.
  • Create an API key.
  • Choose your preferred method of integration: API, eCommerce plugins, invoices, or donation widgets.
  • Add the FUNToken payment method to your checkout process.

What Is FUNToken?

What is FUNToken?

FUNToken is a digital asset developed specifically for the online gambling and gaming industry. It combines the qualities of the Ethereum blockchain with cutting-edge technology, making FUN a powerful resource for players, platforms, and developers alike. FUN supports a new age of digital gaming by offering fast transactions, transparent processes, seamless integration, open accessibility, and secure ownership.

What Makes FUNToken Unique?

FUNToken seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry by reducing friction between operators and players while moving the custody of player funds back into the players’ hands. Built on Ethereum standards and with the fast, gas-free operation on Polygon, FUNToken provides a scalable and robust mechanism to access decentralized applications.

The FUNToken Ecosystem

XFUN Wallet

XFUN Wallet

FUNToken has launched the XFUN Wallet on Google Play and Apple App stores, offering a secure, non-custodial way to hold XFUN and FUN tokens and switch between them. Transactions on XFUN are gas-free, enabling frictionless and fast operations.

Token Supply and Circulation

FUN tokens are pre-minted, with a maximum supply of 17 billion tokens created during an official pre-sale event in 2017. The supply is now fixed, with no more tokens being minted, and is reducing with the quarterly burn.


As an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, FUN operates under the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method, providing an easily scalable and flexible solution for various use cases.

Partnerships and Adoption

Companies Accepting FUNToken

Several prominent companies, such as Travala and, already accept FUNToken as a payment method, showcasing its potential for widespread adoption.

Integration with NOWPayments

The integration of FUNToken into NOWPayments will expand its reach and provide users with more payment options. This move is expected to help position the token as a widely accepted form of payment, as more businesses begin to accept FUN crypto payments.

Legal Aspects of Accepting FUNToken Payments

The legality of accepting FUNToken payments depends on the jurisdiction in which a business operates. It is crucial for businesses to research and understand the legal implications of accepting crypto payments in their specific region.

Accepting FUNToken Donations

Organizations and individuals can also accept FUNToken donations using NOWPayments. To do this, simply create a customized donation link and place it anywhere you want, or use a FUNToken donation button or widget for your website.


The integration of FUNToken with NOWPayments marks a significant milestone in the growth and adoption of this digital asset. By enabling businesses to accept FUN payments seamlessly, this partnership will further expand the reach and utility of FUNToken. As more companies begin to accept FUN crypto payments, the future looks bright for this innovative and versatile digital asset.


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