NOWPayments, an innovative project that endorses crypto payments, presents a new solution for those who would like to accept donations and tips in crypto: NOWPayments’ Donation Widget! Our team has been working hard to bring you the best and the most convenient solution for supporting your business or project!

Donation Widget enables an easy way to accept donations from your supporters or followers. Donations in crypto are easier to process in comparison to the more common fiat donations: as NOWPayments is a non-custodial service no intermediaries have access to your funds, they are sent directly to your wallet. More importantly, NOWPayments’ Donation Widget is a service with the lowest fees, unlike many other centralized solutions on bigger platforms that take high service fee. Your supporters can choose the desired currency among the coins supported by NOWPayments. There are 15 as of now but the list is constantly expanding.

To start accepting donations you can use our hassle-free API. After signing up to, you get your personal wallet which the donations will be sent to. Content creators, charity organizations, and influencers should appreciate the new standards of online finance management!