DGB is live on NOWPayments!

NOWPayments is excited to support DigiByte coin — a cryptocurrency that is made for payments due to its safety, speed of transactions as well as extremely low fees. Let’s learn more about DGB and see how it can be accepted via NOWPayments’ payment tools.

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is a blockchain with a protocol focused on cybersecurity thanks to its outstanding security features. It’s most decentralized and moreover one of the fastest in regards to speed of transaction processing. Founded in 2014, it’s an older and therefore mature blockchain project. DigiByte’s supporters claim that this is a hidden gem of the cryptocurrency market. According to them, the project plays a leading role in technology development. DGB’s network is faster, more scalable, and more secure than those of other major currencies. DigiByte has the most dedicated community and almost 100,000 nodes worldwide.

DGB coin is extremely convenient to pay with. Its security, speed, and adoption played a major part in our decision to support the coin as soon as possible. NOWPayments is excited to greet DigiByte among the listed coins!

NOWPayments is a crypto payment processor for crypto payments that supports all of the major currencies. Every week brings new coins to pay with, i.e. new options to implement crypto on your service. Our crypto API is designed to guarantee a quick deploy on your website or service and ensure instant funds withdrawal.

Other NOWPayments advantages include:

  • The instant auto conversion will save you from rate fluctuations.
  • The widest among competitors range of coins with the support of ChangeNOW.
  • Simple, transparent, and hassle-free API
  • A variety of eCommerce plugins
  • Invoice requiring no integration
  • Convenient dashboard and store settings
  • Custody-free service with no hidden fees
  • Reliable support agents are online 24/7
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