13 Great Crypto Podcasts to Check out

Cryptocurrency is the new face of the digital finance world. Ever since cryptocurrency surfaced in our world, it has made tremendous advancement in changing the way trading happens. It uses blockchain technology to ledger all the transactions, thereby maintaining a secured trading practice. 

The World of Cryptocurrency That Needs To Be Heard

It is true that the world of cryptocurrency is brimming with information that needs to be grasped at the right time. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you would know how important it is to have every minute details of the industry. 

What is the status of crypto in the market? Which crypto exchanges are currently sprouting out there? How will Bitcoin become the game-changer? There are plenty of questions that need real-time answers. 

Of course, there are plenty of legit information sources that you can use to get the details about cryptocurrency. Blogs, newsletters, crypto news sites are some of the familiar sources. 

In our busy world today, we need crypto-on-the-go, something that can keep your informed and entertain at the same time. We are talking about podcasts.

Today, you can find podcasts about everything under the sun, and cryptocurrency is on this list. There are hundreds or even more podcasts on cryptocurrency worldwide that are an absolute must – to be explored. 

With an abundance of content to get hold of, how do you know what’s worth your time? Join this ride as we unravel some of the world-class podcasts on cryptocurrency that need to be heard. 

#1 The Money Movement by Circle

Hosted by Circle Co-Founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire, The Money Movement is a video series exploring the ideas driving the new world of digital money. Dive into the cryptocurrency world with this informative podcast that delves into the ups and downs of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

#2 What Bitcoin Did By Peter McCormack

What Bitcoin Did

You must have come across this particular platform as you searched for the “best crypto podcasts.” Indeed, this podcast is a stunner. It is a series based on the Bitcoin progression and how it affects the crypto world and blockchain technology. The hosts talk about everything revolving around Bitcoin and what the future holds for it. If you think he can run out of topics someday, he can surprise you in every episode. Let’s talk Bitcoin with What Bitcoin Did.

#3 Hash Power By Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Invest Like the Best

Hash Power | Invest Like the Best

It is one of the oldest podcasts in the market that you can listen to. It has got everything that you need to hear about the cryptocurrency world. It is still one of the most listened-to podcasts on cryptocurrency that states its dominance and significance. When you listen to it, focus on the first three episodes that have all the juice you need as a crypto beginner. The host has done a pretty good job of making the podcast successful. 

  • Episodes per Month: 10-15
  • Podcast Link: here
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  • Twitter Followers: 14K

#4 The Pomp Podcast By Anthony Pompliano

The Pomp Podcast | Anthony Pompliano

For those who want to follow the blockchain leaders and crypto marques keenly, The Pomp Podcast is a go-getter. Some of the significant titans of the cryptocurrency world like Mark Cuban and Chamath Palihapitiya were interviewed on this podcast, so its relevance is obvious.  The podcast features over 300+ episodes, so you have got a lot to catch up on. Just look over the descriptions and select the ones in which you are interested the most. 

#5 Unchained by Laura Shin

Unchained Podcast | Laura Shin

This is an exclusive podcast formed by the former editor of Forbes, Laura Shin. It is a weekly podcast that will keep you updated regarding everything in the industry. The host interviews some of the most prominent personalities in the crypto world and creates an intriguing and interactive session out of it. Not just an everyday interview podcast, you will get to learn a lot from the host as she takes you on a ride of engaging crypto information that is legit and highly valuable. Also, it is a great podcast, to start your crypto-journey with. 

#6 Baselayer By David Nage

Base Layer (podcast) | David Nage

You might have come across podcasts that feature interviews the crypto exchange owners, but you will hardly find a podcast that brings investors from every corner of the world together. Mark Yusko and Dan Tapiero are among the top crypto investors who were interviewed on the podcast. If you consider investing in crypto as the next best thing, you can get some valuable insights from the investors, and they can also sneak in some tips and tricks to stay put in the market. Get information about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies. 

  • Episodes per Month: ~4
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  • Twitter Followers: 17K

#7 a16z Podcast


It is a podcast that is not entirely focused on crypto; it is more of a venture exploring the capital firm investment in blockchain. The subject has been divided into several episodes to keep the podcast as captivating as possible. “From the Internet’s Past To the Future of Crypto” is one of the highest listened-to episodes from the podcast, so do not miss on that particular one. It was an episode where the host interacted with Mark Andreesen. 

#8 The Breakdown By Nathaniel Whittemore

The Breakdown (podcast) | Nathaniel Whittemore

Almost everyone has heard of Coindesk, one of the leading crypto news websites that has collaborated with many crypto exchanges. Well, The Breakdown is co-produced by Coindesk, and it is considered to be their innovative way to reach out to their customers in a better way. The Breakdown gives you a daily dose of crypto topics. The episodes are hardly 15 minutes long, so this podcast is probably among the most convenient ways to learn about crypto on the go. 

#9 Unqualified Opinions By Ryan Selkis

Unqualified Opinions | Podcast

Featuring some of the fast-paced interviews with the crypto leaders, the podcast is hosted by Messari’s CEO. You can get to know some of the leading investors and top builders who are keen to invest in crypto. There are many popular episodes that were a big hit at the time of the release. One episode with Charles Hoskinson and Meltem Demiros was one of the much-talked-about episodes of the season. 

#10 Unconfirmed

Unconfirmed Podcast

In 2021, Moved to Unchained.

It is a famous blockchain podcast that talks about big ideas and insights regarding the industry that has the potential to turn the tables. Every little happening in the crypto world doesn’t get missed by this podcast. It is also hosted by Laura Shin that gives this podcast an even more special place in everyone’s heart. If you have listened to her Unchained, you will definitely love the Unconfirmed. The way Laura interacts with her guests is something that makes this regular crypto podcast unique. 

#11 The Bad Crypto Podcast

Bad Crypto Podcast

As if to defy its name, The Bad Crypto Podcast is an interesting podcast where the two hosts share their insights about cryptocurrencies and digital assets and money in the most quirky way. If all the technical terms of the crypto befuddle you, this podcast is the exact opposite of the confusing tech stuff. Joel Comm and Travis Wright are the two amazing hosts of this podcast who will take you on an adventurous ride. If you are a newbie to the crypto world, The Bad Crypto was made for you. 

#12 Blockchain Insider By 11:FS

Blockchain Insider Podcast by 11:FS

A London based podcast, Blockchain Insider, is what its name suggests. Get the inside details of the Blockchain world and distributed ledger technology listening to this podcast. The host breaks down the weekly news from the blockchain world and makes it digestible for you. It is one of the best podcasts to stay in the loop of the industry’s happenings. You will hardly find such detailed info about blockchain in any other podcasts, so you can always rely on Blockchain Insider at any hour. 

#13 The Crypto Street Podcast

The Crypto Street Podcast

One of the elite podcasts in the market specifically focuses on the cryptocurrency’s progressions, price analysis, and market position. The opinions about cryptocurrencies expressed in this podcast are completely unbiased and not influenced by any industry decision-maker. The host takes a holistic approach to present the crypto news to the listeners that appear to be highly genuine and insightful. When you need some unbiased opinions about the crypto industry, you can always turn to The Crypto Street Podcast. 

  • Episodes per Month: latest episode in 2020
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  • Twitter Followers: 23K

The Bottom Line

Everything about cryptocurrency is important and worth knowing. There are many sources from where you can learn about the crypto market. Fortunately, podcasts are the most convenient form of gathering information from some of the leading crypto experts in the market. Crypto podcasts are the best way to learn all the new info about the crypto market. From the latest crypto price spikes, blockchain, and crypto exchanges to fun facts about the crypto world, you can find a diverse range of podcasts. 

When you find books boring, and websites tiring, you can always plug in your earphones and listen to some valuable insights on cryptocurrency via various podcasts. The above mentioned were some of the handpicked and widely popular crypto podcasts you can always turn to. 

Make sure to explore each podcast and create a playlist of your favorite ones to listen to the crypto words on the go.