NOWPayment has partnered with AMLBot

NOWPayments is happy to announce the partnership with AMLBot. AMLBot provides a fast, handy, and safe way of checking cryptocurrency wallet addresses for connection with illicit activities. Our cooperation with AMLBot is based on the same values such as being customer-oriented, flexible, and easy to use.

One of the key requirements for the cryptocurrency market to mature — compliance with existing financial conducts and regulations. AMLBot works like a fit solution to that.  It has a huge database of labeled addresses and an efficient scoring algorithm. The aim of the service is to save you from illicit assets and, as a result, to keep you away from the dangers of being frauded or sanctioned.

To check addresses, you can use three ways. The first one is via Telegram chat with @cryptoaml_bot. Click “start”, then press “check” and insert the cryptocurrency wallet address to see the risk score and its connection with different illegal/legal activities. The second way is to do some checks with a better user interface which is available on If one needs many checks per month, the third option is to integrate AMLBot service via a customizable API solution.

Stay safe with reliable services and make the most of the crypto community!