More Ways Trading Companies Benefit from a Crypto Payment Gateway

A crypto payment gateway provides a secure, fast and cost-effective solution for trading companies to process payments. With the use of blockchain technology, transactions become encrypted and immune to fraud. Crypto payment gateways can also facilitate cross-border payments with minimal processing fees, making it more profitable for trading companies that deal in different currencies. Furthermore, due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, payments are also quicker and can be verified faster. 

Key points:

  • The crypto payment gateway enables trading companies to set up a secure and automatic cash flow.
  • Support for crypto trading allows trading companies to attract a multi-million army of crypto traders.
  • NOWPayments provides the best user experience, competitively low fees, and 24/7/365 support.

Trading Platforms and Crypto Payments

Trading platforms and crypto payments

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular among online trading platforms. They offer a secure and convenient way to make trades quickly and without relying on traditional banking services. Crypto payments provide traders with greater liquidity and can reduce the costs associated with processing transactions. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are highly deregulated, meaning that users are not subject to the same levels of regulation that traditional payments are. This can make the experience of trading much quicker and simpler than it would be with other forms of payment. Cryptocurrencies also allow for faster settlement times compared to other methods, meaning that traders don’t have to wait for long periods before funds are deposited into their accounts. All of these features make cryptocurrency payments an attractive option for trading platforms, and they are likely to become more commonplace in the future.

Cryptocurrency payments provide greater security than traditional methods as well. Transactions are completed using blockchain technology, meaning that the data related to each transaction is securely stored and encrypted on a distributed ledger system. This makes it virtually impossible for malicious actors to access sensitive information or interfere with the transaction process. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are not subject to the same levels of fraud and chargeback risks that can arise with traditional payments. This makes them an ideal choice for traders who want to minimize their exposure to these types of risks while still enjoying the convenience of trading online.

Why Should Trading Platforms Try NOWPayments?

Why should trading platforms try NOWPayments?

NOWPayments is a payment infrastructure that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. It enables users to easily set up their own customizable payment page, create invoices, and receive payments in cryptocurrency from anyone around the world. With NOWPayments, users don’t need to be tech-savvy or have any coding skills — they simply need to create an account and start accepting payments. NOWPayments has a variety of features that make it attractive for businesses and individuals looking to accept cryptocurrency payments. Our distinctive features are:

  • 100% free integration;
  • support for more than 150 cryptocurrencies;
  • 0% payout fee;
  • the lowest service fee on the market  — 0.5%;
  • the possibility of a 20-minute rate freeze;
  • no KYC/KYB is required for crypto transfers;
  • the ability to charge crypto and settle in fiat and vice versa;
  • 24/7/365 support and personal account manager;

How Can Trading Companies Accept and Send Crypto with NOWPayments?

With NOWPayments, trading platforms can start accepting and sending cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes. Our service provides the best user experience and easy-to-integrate tools. Trading platforms can easily enable our lightweight Custodial Recurring Payments API tool to ensure the most efficient transfers with cryptocurrencies. 

Custodial Recurring Payments API

Custodial Recurring Payments API enables trading companies to accept and send cryptocurrencies directly on their platforms. With the help of this ready-made solution, the owners of trading platforms can:

  • create deposit accounts for traders with our custody solution;
  • let traders top them up;
  • transfer funds from traders’ deposit accounts to your account;
  • make automatic payouts to winners’ accounts once the order is completed;
  • withdraw your profit to a private wallet.

It’s also worth noting that with NOWPayments, you don’t need to pay extra to access our features. We offer:

  • 0 USD integration cost;
  • 0% payout fees;
  • 0.5% payment fees — lowest on the market.

How to Begin?

Here is how you can implement the Recurring Custodial Payments feature:

  1. Register an account on NOWPayments.
  2. Add your wallet address and generate an API key.
  3. Integrate the Recurring Custodial Payments API by following this guide.
  4. Create deposit accounts for your users via the Billing API.
  5. Set up a recurring payment plan.
  6. Allow your customers to top up their deposit accounts.
  7. Done! Now you can transfer funds from deposit accounts to your account, make automatic payouts, and withdraw your profit. 


NOWPayments’ Custodial Recurring Payments API is a powerful and comprehensive tool that allows trading companies to add support for cryptocurrencies. It allows companies to easily manage their recurring payments, creating an efficient and reliable cash flow.