Amplify Liquidity with ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision Service: Empowering Businesses with NOWPayments

ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service revolutionizes liquidity access for businesses, offering an exceptional opportunity to enhance market presence and optimize asset liquidity. As a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, ChangeNOW empowers businesses to act as liquidity providers while listing their assets. With customizable rate formation, deep liquidity pools, and transparent operations, businesses can seamlessly enhance their exchange experiences and expand their market reach within the crypto industry.

Benefits of ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision Service

Expanded Market Reach with NOWPayments

By listing tokens or coins on ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service, businesses gain access to NOWPayments’ extensive network of merchants. NOWPayments acts as a strategic partner, amplifying market reach and opening doors to new growth opportunities and increased exposure within the cryptocurrency community.

Deep Liquidity Pools

NOWPayments, in collaboration with ChangeNOW, ensures deep liquidity pools that enable swift and reliable crypto swaps at competitive prices. This strategic partnership guarantees reduced price slippage and superior exchange experiences, enhancing liquidity provision capabilities for businesses.

Seamless Integration with NOWPayments

ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service seamlessly integrates with NOWPayments’ payment processing solutions. This integration enables businesses to optimize their payment capabilities, offering users the ability to make payments in a wide range of tokens supported by NOWPayments. The synergy between the two platforms ensures a comprehensive and efficient user experience.

How ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision Service Works

Asset Selection and Pool Creation

As a partner, you have the flexibility to select the cryptocurrency you wish to list and create dedicated liquidity pools through ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service. These pools serve as reservoirs of assets that can be readily exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, supported by NOWPayments’ seamless integration.

Initial Rate Determination

Partners determine the initial rate of their asset in relation to the second currency. This customization ensures that the starting point for subsequent transactions within the liquidity pool aligns with market dynamics and offers competitive pricing.

Adding Liquidity

ChangeNOW supports the liquidity provision process by providing the necessary infrastructure. Partners deposit a specified amount of their asset and the second currency into ChangeNOW’s wallets, ensuring the availability of sufficient funds for seamless exchanges.

Transaction Execution

ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service facilitates the execution of transactions within the liquidity pool. This integration ensures smooth and efficient cryptocurrency exchanges, enhancing the user experience for both businesses and their customers.

Listing Your Asset with ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision Service

Listing Your Asset with ChangeNOW's Liquidity Provision Service

Listing your asset with ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service provides numerous advantages. By signing a 6-month contract, you gain access to the following provisions:

Technical Integration

ChangeNOW seamlessly integrates your asset into their platform, extending its reach to NOWPayments’ payment processing solutions. This integration enables businesses to leverage the full potential of NOWPayments’ and ChangeNOW’s extensive user base, amplifying market presence and liquidity provision capabilities.

Providing Liquidity

NOWPayments, as an essential partner, assists businesses in providing liquidity from their side to the hot wallets managed by ChangeNOW. This collaborative effort ensures accurate tracking of liquidity provision, supported by NOWPayments’ secure and reliable infrastructure.

Monthly Reporting and Insights

Partners benefit from monthly reports, offering valuable insights into operations, current pool balances, and prevailing exchange rates. These reports empower partners to monitor and evaluate the performance of their liquidity pools effectively, optimizing liquidity provision strategies.

To list your asset with ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service, fill out the listing form available on the website. The dedicated sales and accounting team, representing both ChangeNOW and NOWPayments, will guide you through the process, providing expert assistance and addressing any inquiries you may have.


ChangeNOW’s Liquidity Provision service empowers businesses to enhance their market presence and optimize liquidity by listing their assets on the platform. The combined expertise of ChangeNOW and NOWPayments, along with deep liquidity pools, seamless integration capabilities, and transparent reporting, ensures a superior exchange experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to amplify your liquidity and expand your market reach.