How to Benefit from Tenshi Crypto Donations

The Tenshi token is a promising cryptocurrency that incentivizes its investors with rewards for holding the token. With its innovative reward system, Tenshi is quickly becoming a preferred choice among cryptocurrency investors worldwide. The token belongs to the Kishu ecosystem which ensures that it has the full support of its older brother’s community. Tenshi also constitutes a great choice for crypto donations as it is capable of delivering a great deal of utility to organizations and individuals interested in collecting donations. NOWPayments is a TENSHI crypto payment gateway that provides effective tools for deploying Tenshi token donations.

How to Benefit from Tenshi Crypto Donations

Key points:

What Is Tenshi?

Since Tenshi is part of the Kishu ecosystem, it is reasonable to start with the basics here. Kishu is a community-oriented token intended for rewarding its holders. Kishu was introduced in 2021 and since then has pretty much enjoyed stable growth in terms of the number of active holders. In the same year, the Kishu ecosystem welcomed another token called Tenshi, which was launched in order to enhance Kishu’s overall utility. Tenshi relies on mechanics that are similar to Kishu’s by rewarding its holders through a fine-tuned tokenomics system. The prospect of receiving passive income, as well as a cute mascot, make TENSHI a must-have coin in every investor’s portfolio.

Who Can Accept Tenshi Donations?


Bloggers Can Accept Tenshi Donations

Bloggers, especially those who create crypto-related content have so much to gain from deploying Tenshi donations. For instance, cryptocurrency may be a preferred way of donating for many of their audience members. By giving them a chance to make crypto donations, bloggers can get more donations from their fans.

Additionally, Tenshi transactions are borderless, making it easy for people around the world to send and receive money. Thus, letting audience members make Tenshi donations will help bloggers to enable more people to send donations.


Streamers Can Accept Tenshi Donations

To a considerable extent, the current donation economy is resting on the popularity of streamers. For them, donations represent more than just a money transfer. They serve as a method of interaction between the streamer and their audience.

Therefore, the speed of transactions is crucial for streamers, as their viewers should have the ability to send messages with virtually no delays. Tenshi transactions are quite fast and processed in a matter of minutes, which makes them fit for the task of acting as a donation method for streamers.

Kishu ecosystem influencers

Kishu Influencers Can Accept Tenshi Donations

As mentioned above, the Kishu ecosystem is quite expansive and diverse. This also means that there are hundreds of Kishu and Tenshi influencers online who promote these tokens in one way or another. These people can greatly benefit from accepting Tenshi as a means of donation, as it will allow them to create another use case for their favorite coin.

What’s more, featuring Tenshi donations can also lead to a larger number of donations coming from the audience because Tenshi and Kishu holders will be more likely to donate in Tenshi than in fiat.


Artists Can Accept Tenshi Donations

The artist community usually comprises the most progressive individuals such as musicians, authors, painters, and filmmakers, amongst many others. Despite this, many of these creators still do not take advantage of the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies.

However, NOWPayments provides an effective and reliable solution for artists to start accepting crypto donations. Tenshi is an ideal token for artists, as the project has one of the most creative fan bases in crypto. Many Tenshi holders will absolutely love to donate to their fellow creatives.


Startups Can Accept Tenshi Donations

Startups are constantly looking for additional funding sources, after all, it is a reality of their business. Therefore, for them, it is wise to utilize all available methods of securing funding, including crypto donations, in order to attract the necessary capital.

This is particularly relevant for startups working on cutting-edge solutions in the sphere of crypto or Web3. Tenshi transactions are conducted directly between users without the involvement of third parties, allowing startups to receive investments directly from their patrons.

So… What Should I Do to Accept Tenshi Donations?

NOWPayments is a Tenshi crypto payment gateway that facilitates Tenshi coin payments and donations. The service provides convenience to its users and their customers, streamlining the process of accepting cryptocurrencies. Here are the three tools you can use to deploy Tenshi token donations:

Let’s take a closer look at how to create a TENSHI crypto donation widget:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account on the official website of the service.
  2. Pick the Tenshi crypto from the drop-down list of currencies and enter your TENSHI wallet address to which you would like to receive your donations.
So… What Should I Do to Accept Tenshi Donations?
  1. On the left sidebar, press “Payment Tools” and then “Donations.”
So… What Should I Do to Accept Tenshi Donations?
  1. Scroll down the page to the “Donation widget segment,” copy the piece of code to the clipboard, and paste it on your website or page.
So… What Should I Do to Accept Tenshi Donations?
  1. Congratulations, now you will be able to receive TENSHI donations with the widget.


TENSHI is a cryptocurrency supported by the strong Kishu community. NOWPayments makes it easy for people and organizations to accept Tenshi token donations.