Mastering the Art of Transaction: When NFT Checkout Dances with BRISE

Step onto the digital stage where NFT Checkout and BRISE payments join forces, creating a symphony of seamless transactions and limitless possibilities. Get ready to witness a performance where non-fungible tokens and cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology harmonize in ways that redefine the future of transactions. Embark on a journey that unveils the captivating fusion of NFTs and BRISE, and uncover the magic that unfolds at this intersection of innovation.

Understanding Bitgert

Understanding Bitgert

Bitgert, launched in July 2021, has emerged as a promising player in the cryptocurrency arena. It offers a high-speed blockchain called the Brise Chain, which boasts a throughput of over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) and near-zero gas fees. The Brise Chain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to build dApps using familiar ETH tools. Bitgert’s native token, BRISE, plays a crucial role within the ecosystem, enabling users to pay transaction fees and stake their tokens for network security.

NOWPayments API: An Overview

To facilitate the seamless integration of BRISE payments, NOWPayments offers an advanced NFT Checkout. NOWPayments API allows businesses to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitgert (BRISE). With the NOWPayments API, businesses can streamline their payment processes and manage transactions more efficiently. The API provides a range of tools and features, such as conducting payouts, exchanging currencies, managing invoices, and more.

Integrating NFT Checkout to Accept BRISE

Integrating the NFT Checkout API into your marketplace is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to start accepting BRISE payments:

  • Create an account: Sign up for a free account on the NOWPayments website.
  • Activate your account: Verify your email and activate your account to gain access to the Dashboard.
  • Set up a Bitgert wallet: Add your Bitgert wallet address on the “Outcome wallet” page to receive BRISE payments.
  • Generate an API key: In the Dashboard, click on “Add new key” to generate an API key. Keep this key secure as it will be required for API interaction.
  • Integrate API into your NFT Marketplace
  • Start using the API!
Integrating NFT Checkout to Accept BRISE

Creating User Accounts

Creating User Accounts

The journey begins with the creation of user accounts. By generating a user account, businesses can initiate payments, deposits, and withdrawals, ensuring a holistic payment ecosystem. The endpoints facilitate account creation, enabling businesses to manage user balances effectively.

Recurring Payments

NOWPayments’ API solution also caters to recurring payments, a pivotal aspect of NFT transactions. This feature empowers businesses to set up recurring charges, ensuring funds transfer from user accounts to the platform. The recurring charges are triggered with new payments or as paid periods approach completion, streamlining the NFT transaction process.

User Balance Insights

Understanding user balances is crucial for seamless NFT transactions. NOWPayments’ API endpoints enable businesses to fetch user balance data, granting a comprehensive overview of funds stored within accounts. This insight streamlines decision-making and enhances the NFT checkout experience.

Holistic Insights and Management

The NOWPayments API doesn’t stop at user balances; it offers insights into user profiles, transfers, and payments. The API endpoints for getting user details, transfer information, and payment history empower businesses with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Deposit and Withdrawal Flexibility

NOWPayments’ NFT Checkout solution offers a range of deposit and withdrawal options. Businesses can facilitate general payments for user account top-ups, allowing seamless NFT transactions. Additionally, developers can transfer funds from master accounts to user accounts and even initiate write-offs to withdraw funds from user accounts.

Incorporating NOWPayments’ NFT Checkout solution unleashes unparalleled ease and sophistication in NFT transactions, revolutionizing the way users engage with NFTs.

For further details and comprehensive examples, refer to the official NOWPayments API documentation.

Benefits of Accepting BRISE Payments

By accepting BRISE payments through the NOWPayments API, your business can enjoy several advantages:

Benefits of Accepting BRISE Payments
  • Low transaction fees: Bitgert’s blockchain technology enables low transaction fees, making it cost-effective for businesses to accept BRISE payments.
  • Fast transactions: With a high throughput of over 100,000 TPS, Bitgert facilitates fast transactions, ensuring a smooth payment experience for customers.
  • Global reach: Bitgert’s blockchain technology allows businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide, expanding their market reach.
  • Enhanced security: NOWPayments API ensures secure transactions and protects businesses from potential risks associated with accepting cryptocurrency payments.
  • Multiple use cases: Businesses can accept BRISE payments for various purposes, such as e-commerce, donations, subscriptions, and more.

Bitgert and NFTs: Exploring the Potential

Bitgert’s Brise Chain provides opportunities for businesses and developers in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Some potential use cases include:

  • NFT marketplaces: Build an NFT marketplace on the Brise Chain, allowing artists and collectors to mint, buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets.
  • Gaming: Develop blockchain-based games on the Brise Chain, incorporating NFTs as in-game assets, collectibles, or rewards.
  • Virtual real estate: Create a virtual world on the Brise Chain, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade virtual land and properties as NFTs.

Bitgert and Web3: Enabling Seamless Integration

Bitgert’s Brise Chain can seamlessly integrate with Web3 development platforms, opening up possibilities for various decentralized applications. Some potential use cases of Bitgert and Web3 integration include:

  • Decentralized identity: Develop a decentralized identity platform on the Brise Chain, allowing users to create and manage their digital identities securely.
  • Decentralized social networks: Build a decentralized social network on the Brise Chain, providing users with a censorship-resistant platform to connect and share content.
  • Decentralized data storage: Develop a decentralized data storage solution on the Brise Chain, allowing users to store and manage their data securely without relying on centralized servers.


Integrating BRISE payments into your business can provide numerous benefits, including low transaction fees, fast transactions, global reach, enhanced security, and multiple use cases. By utilizing the NOWPayments API, businesses can seamlessly integrate BRISE payments into their existing systems. Additionally, Bitgert’s Brise Chain offers exciting opportunities for NFT projects and Web3 integration. Embrace the potential of BRISE and take your business to new heights in the world of cryptocurrencies.