Brick-and-mortar stores & ONE

The crypto industry is entering an era when only the toughest and most reliable blockchains are going to make it. Every single crypto boom demonstrates one fact that investors prefer to purchase native currencies of those networks which stand out thanks to their unique features. Harmony is a network that does not experience any problems with investors. It is not surprising since Harmony utilizes next-gen technology, which takes its efficiency to the next level. As a result, Harmony is a great payment method for businesses. NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal allows merchants to accept Harmony as payment at the click of a button.

Harmony Point-of-Sale

Key Points:

  • ONE is the native token of Harmony.
  • NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal lets businesses accept ONE as payment in a fast and easy way.
  • The terminal is compatible with every device and is free to deploy.

What is Harmony?

What is Harmony?

Harmony is a state-of-the-art network that relies on a set of advanced technological solutions to attain scalability and decentralization. The launch of Harmony in 2019 became a new milestone in the crypto industry since the network was first to implement sharding to guarantee the security of its network. Essentially, sharding constitutes a way of optimizing the mechanics of a blockchain. Harmony’s approach to sharding involves a beacon chain and several shard chains tasked with processing transactions concurrently. The ONE coin is the native currency of the Harmony blockchain. ONE has a long list of functions that it performs on the network. ONE is used for staking in order to generate rewards and maintain security, as well as a payment solution.

Advantages of Harmony

Borderless and fast

Advantages of Harmony coin

The banking system used by people in the modern economy experiences considerable limitations in terms of geography. Frequently, people have to wait for weeks for their payment to go from their bank to a bank in the neighboring country. Such a situation hinders the ability of businesses to operate efficiently, especially in the international highly competitive environment. Yet, Harmony can help companies by reducing their waiting time to mere seconds. Harmony exists in the digital realm and is above all the existing borders. Therefore, people can send ONE tokens and receive them in a matter of several seconds despite living in different parts of the globe. That is why deploying a ONE payment gateway using a PoS solution can help businesses.

Extremely low fees

Another common problem businesses face these days is the bank fees which annually consume a large chunk of companies’ profits. All bank transfers require considerable expenses to be processed. Moreover, modern banks charge merchants not only exorbitant interchange fees but also monthly maintenance fees and many other ones. Essentially, such bank policies can easily drive companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Harmony once again can help businesses to resolve the issue. When using Harmony, businesses have to pay fees which on average cost less than one cent. Thus, companies can integrate ONE payment and save on fees and increase their profits. In other words, by deploying a ONE payment gateway, businesses can annually save substantial sums on their transactions.



In order to stay competitive, companies need to respond to the existing trends. One of them is sustainability. More and more firms voice their commitments to a circular economy and sustainable development. Yet, there is not much discussion about the payment processing infrastructure that the world runs on. The Harmony blockchain can be a viable solution for the future economy thanks to its green technology, which does not require massive computational power. Harmony exists in complete harmony with the environment since it runs on the Proof-of-Stake protocol, which does not need thousands of terawatt-hours of electricity. Thus, companies accepting ONE token are able to radically reduce their impact on the environment.

Benefits of a PoS system

Free deployment

Benefits of a PoS system

The Point-of-Sale terminal by NOWPayments was designed specifically to avoid imposing any preliminary expenses on businesses. As a result, the terminal is absolutely free to deploy. It does not require buying any equipment, including the terminal itself, because it is totally web-based. This means that it can be deployed on any device, be it a mobile phone or laptop. All one needs is a browser to open a web page with the terminal. Many companies offer their PoS solutions, but they often imply buying a costly terminal system that needs continuous maintenance and uses proprietary software. Yet, NOWPayments provides its partners with maximum flexibility when it comes to terminal deployment.

Easy payment process

The payment process itself is also quite simple. In order to conduct a transaction using a Point-of-Sale terminal, it is necessary to enter the total sum of the customer’s order and choose ONE as the preferred payment option. Then, NOWPayments will automatically generate an invoice containing a QR code. By using their phone to read the QR code, the client of the business will be able to pay for their order. At the same time, taking into consideration the occasional price fluctuations, NOWPayments automatically updates the current prices in ONE that the client needs to pay. The invoice itself stays active forever and can be reused in the future.


The PoS terminal, just like any solution from NOWPayments, is extremely affordable. As mentioned above, businesses that use a PoS terminal do not need to pay anything upfront. NOWPayments charges companies only when they receive a payment using NOWPayments’ solutions. The fees of NOWPayments start from only 0.4% per transaction. This is a great deal considering the size of interbank fees.

How to set up a Harmony Point-of-Sale terminal

How to set up a Harmony Point-of-Sale terminal

In order to deploy a Point-of-Sale terminal, you need to take several simple steps.

1. Create your NOWPayments account by following this link.

2. Enter your Harmony public address to which you would like to receive payments.

3. Generate your API key.

4. Go to the “Settings” and create your Point-of-Sale terminal link.

5. Congratulations! You are ready to accept Harmony using a PoS system.


A Point-of-Sale terminal is a free-to-deploy way for accepting Harmony as payment. The PoS terminal by NOWPayments is fully web-based and can be run on any device. Accepting ONE can help businesses to reduce their expenses and ensure fast payments.