Affiliate Program & Crypto

Today when COVID-19 news is especially stressful and our daily routine has been completely changed, some extra money is what everyone needs to live through this. COVID-19 circumstances keep on striking businesses of all kinds with traditional money facing huge risks, but digital and safe cryptocurrency is pretty comfortable here, on the web. And cryptocurrency services are figuring solutions both to fight the pandemic and to provide you with some financial help.

Here are best affiliate programs to benefit from, including ours.

What is an Affiliate Program?

In short, an affiliate program is an agreement between a business and another business or individual. According to it, the business would a pay the affiliate partner a commission for bringing leads. In our case, it’s merchants.

Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Passive income.
  • Additional income.
  • New connections.
  • Safety.

So, today we offer you some legit passive income with the new update of our beneficial Affiliate program.

How it works

From now on, every time you introduce NOWPayments to a merchant — you will get a percentage of their profit. You’ll be getting this reward for 5 years. The more merchants you bring — the bigger reward you get. Check the details below:

Best Affiliate Programs

What is the reason? NOWPayments takes care about its clients in these hard times.

The Rules

Of course, the Internet is full of opportunities, such as freelance jobs, but becoming an affiliate partner is times less stressful, and gifts you with lifelong stable extra income to rely on. Besides, there is nothing complicated to sort out. 

The rules are simple. All you need is just to introduce us to a merchant, wait until this person becomes our partner, and then, get your reward. You will get your coins straight after the first cryptocurrency transaction.

In case if your merchants use buttons, plugins, or widgets, they should be represented on their sites.

Be sure to #staysafe, use NOWPayments, and, to become our affiliate partner.

Just contact us via [email protected] as soon as you can.