Accepting Fiat and Getting Pitbull Cryptocurrency: A Full Guide

Are you eager to diversify your payment methods and tap into a broader customer base? Embracing cryptocurrencies like Pitbull (PIT) could be the game-changer you’re looking for. Pitbull operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, offering rapid and secure transactions. Check out to learn how to make your customers to seamlessly pay in their preferred method while receiving instant Pitbull crypto.

Advantages of Embracing Pitbull Payments

Expanding Payment Horizons

By embracing Pitbull payments, you’re opening the doors to a more varied array of payment options. This can attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Pitbull holders who actively seek businesses accepting their favored digital currency.

Swift Transactions

Pitbull transactions occur at lightning speed, a remarkable advantage compared to traditional payment processing times, thanks to Binance Smart Chain. Enabling Pitbull payments ensures your customers experience efficient and rapid checkouts.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Accepting Pitbull payments often involves lower transaction fees when compared to traditional payment methods. Unlike conventional payment gateways that impose significant processing charges, Pitbull transactions tend to come with more favorable fee structures.

Enhanced Security

Cryptocurrencies like Pitbull offer enhanced security mechanisms. Once a Pitbull transaction concludes, it’s significantly challenging to reverse without merchant consent. This enhances protection against fraudulent chargebacks and minimizes payment-related risks.

Introducing the Fiat On-Ramp

To streamline the process of integrating Pitbull payments, NOWPayments has introduced the “fiat on-ramp” feature. The tool enables merchants to charge customers in fiat currency while receiving the equivalent amount in Pitbull crypto. With the fiat on-ramp, you’re providing customers the convenience of using their preferred traditional currency while seamlessly converting it into Pitbull crypto.

Understanding the Fiat On-Ramp Process

The fiat on-ramp is facilitated by Guardarian, a trusted EU-based partner of NOWPayments. The process of accepting fiat payments and converting them to Pitbull crypto is secure and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how the fiat on-ramp operates:

  1. Initiating a Payment: Start the fiat on-ramp process by creating a payment using the NOWPayments API or the invoice tool. Specify the desired fiat currency for customer charges in the “pay_currency” field.
  2. Processing Fiat Payment: Once the payment is set up, customers will be directed to Guardarian to complete the payment using their chosen fiat currency. Customers are required to pass a Know Your Customer (KYC) check, providing identification documents in compliance with international regulations.
  3. Conversion to Pitbull Crypto: Following successful fiat payment, Guardarian converts the fiat amount into Pitbull crypto and transfers it to NOWPayments. The conversion is based on the primary Pitbull wallet address in your Payout Wallet list, ensuring a seamless transfer of converted Pitbull crypto to your account.
  4. Receiving Pitbull Payments: NOWPayments receives the Pitbull crypto from Guardarian and forwards it to your designated Custody account or crypto wallet, based on your preferences. From there, you can manage your Pitbull holdings like any other cryptocurrency assets.

Integration Options for Pitbull Payments

NOWPayments offers multiple integration options for seamlessly accepting Pitbull payments through the fiat on-ramp feature. Whether you favor API integration or the invoice tool, NOWPayments has the right solution for you.

API Integration

If you’re keen on directly integrating Pitbull payments into your website or application, opt for API integration. This option allows you to create custom payment processes and generate payment links for your customers. Just set the fiat currency ticker in the “pay_currency” field and follow the steps outlined earlier to complete the fiat on-ramp process.

Invoice Tool 

If your business relies on content management system (CMS) plugins or prefers invoice-based payments, the invoice tool is a perfect fit. Enable the fiat currencies you want to accept in your Personal Account settings. Generate a new payment link, select the fiat currencies you wish to offer customers, and guide them through the process of completing the fiat payment, which will be seamlessly converted to Pitbull crypto and delivered to your account.


By embracing Pitbull payments through the innovative fiat on-ramp feature, you’re simplifying the payment process for your customers while gaining access to the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Enhance your payment spectrum, expedite transactions, trim transaction costs, bolster security, and tap into the global community of cryptocurrency users. Step into the future of payments by integrating Pitbull payments with NOWPayments’ fiat on-ramp. Get started today and elevate your business to new heights.